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8 thoughts on “How to choose a Himalayan trek

  1. Hey Swati , really enjoyed all your videos and reading material .

    I want to do a trek in September October ..
    I’m quite fit and was thinking of doing the hampta pass . Definitely don’t want to go somewhere it maybe Raining so decided to drop that and consider the Kashmir Great Lakes ..
    Besides Kashmir, roopkund seems nice but a bit too crowded for my liking .
    And kedarkantha , deoriatal seem to be best in winter . Buran ghati looks great but better when there is snow on the last wall drop.
    Rupin is best left for may when there is a glorious snowfield at the pass. And kuari pass seems to be best in November .
    I want to keep trekking all my life so only want to do the trek that is best in this season so I can see it in all its glory . Please suggest..

  2. Deoriatal chandrasheila or kedarkantha . Dec 17 – 22. If you really have to pick only one. I read that both are awesome. But what if you have to really pick one. Give me that name for a snow lover.

  3. Hii Swathi,

    I am looking forward to begin my treks in Himalayas in the upcoming May-June season. Look forward to your inputs

  4. Hello Swati
    I am in Tapovan until March 29 and I would like to know where I could go for a tres bearbeta and maybe for two days. I am 67 years old but a Yogini so quite fit and strong

    1. Hi Sandra, which Tapovan are you talking about? Near Rishikesh? Or Joshimath? Or Gaumukh? If you tell me that, I’ll be able to help you better!