How to choose the right trekking shoes

Buying the right pair of trekking shoes is not difficult if you follow four basic points. The sole plays a big role, and so does ankle support. In this video, Swathi will tell you exactly how to choose the right shoe, by pointing out the do’s and dont’s while buying shoes.

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Swathi Chatrapathy

Swathi Chatrapathy

Swathi Chatrapathy is the Chief Editor at Indiahikes. She heads the content team and runs a video series called Trek With Swathi. Before joining Indiahikes, she worked as a reporter and sub-editor at Deccan Chronicle. She holds a Masters in Digital Journalism and continues to contribute to publications such as Deccan Herald. Trekking, to her, is a sport that liberates that mind like nothing else can. Through her work at Indiahikes, she hopes to let more people experience this sense of liberation, by spreading information about trekking and by instilling the right spirit of trekking in them.Read Swathi's other articles. Watch Swathi's video series here.

57 thoughts on “How to choose the right trekking shoes

    1. Hi Saurabh, I am assuming the running shoes don’t have ankle support. It is not just grip that you would need on this trek. You absolutely need ankle support for a trek like Hampta Pass. I suggest you get Forclaz series- Forclaz 500 or 600 would last you good amount of Himalayan treks. 🙂

      1. Hi,

        I am planning a trek on Hampta pass in end July this year. I find Forclaz 500 is no more in production a few websites may have old supplies but them its priced very high. Decathlon now sells equivalent boots named MH500 – but very few reviews are available. They have other models also named MH300, and MH 100, separate models for snow like SH500 for snow etc.

        Which one of these or something else would you suggest this years for Hampta Pass trek?

    1. Hi Sandeep, They dont look very breathable. I wouldn’t recommend them for a trek. Why don’t you go for something like Forclaz 500 High? They are great for snow and for non-snow treks. Better investment. 🙂

    1. Hi Avinash, They seem to have a very low ankle. I suggest you get a hiking shoe with a high ankle support. Something like Forclaz 500 High would be a great investment. 🙂

  1. Hi,
    For the Everest Base Camp trek, which of the following Quechua trekking boots would you recommend:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi

    I am going for the Har ki Dun trek this September end. Could you suggest which shoes would be good for this?

    I saw 2 options on Decathlon. Forclaz 100 and 500. Apart from these are there any other choices?


    1. Hi Vishal these options you’ve seen would be your best options. You could also check out shoes by Wildcraft. They are more expensive, but they are good. But Forclaz has been tried and tested by our trekkers and most of them vouch for it.

    1. Hi Mudita, these shoes will not do for the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. They are, as you have said, running shoes and not trekking shoes. You will need a good pair of trekking shoes with high ankle support and also good grip. Go for the Forclaz series by Quechua or the Amphibia series by Wildcraft.

  3. Hi,
    I am going for dayra bugyal in June , sandakphu in October and many more treks in the following years.
    Can you please suggest which trekking shoe would fit me the best.?

    1. Hi Rishabh
      The Forclaz 100 will be a good buy. Incase it is not in your budget you could also go in for the Arpenaz 50. But since you are planning to go on many treks I would suggest you go for the Forclaz 100.

  4. Swati ma’am are Hi-tec boots nice for trekking like I have this below two options tell me which should I prefer
    1 )Hi-Tec Men s Trail Ox Winter 200g Waterproof-M Snow Boot

    2)Hi-Tec Men’s Trail OX Chukka I Waterproof-M Hiking Boot

    3)Forclaz 500
    Are this best for October to may treks?

  5. Madam,
    Within 1500 is there any good trekking shoe ? apart from Quechua and Wildcraft. I will do a trek with India Hikes soon. Quechua Arpenaz 50 is waterproof ? Can I use it in rain ? Please reply me

    1. Hello Aniruddha
      You can use the Arpenaz 50 for a winter trek. Many trekkers have used it on a winter trek so it should work just fine for you.

  6. Hi, will Bata hunting shoes work for kedarkantha trek?
    There is ankle support, I’ve used them for my previous sarpass trip.
    Thank youu

    1. Hi Krupa,
      If the shoes have ankle support and a tough sole with a good grip, they’ll be fine for the Kedarkantha trek. Are the shoes also water proof or water resistant? As long as your shoes meet these requirements, the brand doesn’t really matter.

  7. Hi

    I am going for the Hampta pass trek this August mid. Could you suggest which shoes would be good for this?

    Sachin Hatle

  8. Hello IH and my wife signed up for hampta pass trek with IH for jul 18 first week trek.i have forclaz 600 already and need to buy one for wife.please suggest if mine is ok (i am thining they are overkill 🙁 ) and which one should I buy for her? Thinking in mind that we may use those in future with bit difficult snow treks !

  9. Hi Team,
    We are taking up Buran Ghati trek in October end and I would like to know the best shoes for men and women to go on this trek. A lot of trekkers have mentioned in reviews that Men’s TREK 100 Waterproof shoes ( are very slippery on water. Forclaz 500 is not available anymore.
    Women’s TREK 100 ( Trekking shoes are mentioned to be suitable for walking on vehicle suitable roads.
    Please suggest a suitable shoe for both men and women.

    1. Hi Darshani, the second shoes you have shared are good shoes. You can easily use them for at least 8-9 high altitude treks. Even the first one is good — many of our Trek Leaders use them. So go ahead and choose either of them.

    1. These are good enough if you’re just beginning to trek. With good maintenance, they will last you at least 4-5 Himalayan treks.

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