We are putting together our Mountain Lovers Gold Calendar for 2022.

We’re inviting you to share your best pictures for it.

It’s a big honour for photographers to be featured in our calendar. Because this is not an ordinary calendar. This is a calendar that has been coveted ever since its first edition in 2016. It disappears from our store within weeks after an announcement goes out. And it’s a limited edition calendar. We print just 1500 copies every year, and no more.

It is bought by admirers across the globe. Last year, we sent the calendar to Australia, Canada, Spain, Dubai, Dhaka, Lithuania and New Zealand! It’s truly a collector’s Item. Which is why we refer to it as the gold calendar.

It is a grand wall calendar, 19 inches in width, 14 inches in height. It’s going to celebrate every trek photograph like it deserves to be celebrated. 

So if you are a professional or hobbyist photographer, shortlist up to 5 of your best trek photographs and send them over. 

We’ll be shortlisting 12 pictures out of all the entries. If your photograph gets selected, then we’ll not only feature your photograph with your name, we’ll also send you a complimentary copy of the gold calendar. 

We’ve put down a few pointers below to make it easier for you to get an idea of what to send.

Pin Bhaba Pass - Indiahikes
A walk towards Mudh. Picture by Jitendra Tanna featured in the calendar of 2021

What kind of pictures we are looking for

We need pictures with a wow factor. Anyone passing by the photograph must stop short and go wow! 

Choose your pictures such that any mountain lover will have their hearts fluttering while flipping the calendar.

Here are the technical requirements:

  1. The photos must be of landscape orientation.
  1. They have to be high resolution pictures, of at least 2400 pixels width. (The larger, the better)
  1. The size of the photos must be at least 2 mb. (Again, the larger the better)
  1. They must be shot on one of our Indiahikes treks.
  1. Don’t add watermarks on it. We will not be using any pictures with watermarks. 
  1. Photos must not be over-edited. Basic edits are fine. 
  1. Avoid night shots and black and white shots. We’re looking for vibrant, bright and colourful pictures.
  1. We’re looking for landscape shots. It’s okay if there are trekkers or campsites, but they must not overshadow the landscape.
  1. You can send in a maximum of five entries only.

Where to upload your entries 

If your photographs meet these requirements, click on submit photos and upload your photos. Ensure you get all the details right. 

It’s a simple page, you just have to drag and drop your images, include your full name, select the name of the trek and upload it.  

What about picture credit and copyright? 

Every page on the calendar will have the name of the photographer. It’s a big matter of pride for photographers to see their names there. 

In addition, we’ll personally send you a complimentary calendar if your photograph is selected. 

As for copyright, the copyright will remain with the photographer. However, if we ever use your photograph, we will have your permission to use it by giving you credit. 

What’s the deadline?

You have time till Monday, October 11th, to send us the pictures. We will not be accepting any entries after that. 

Looking forward to seeing your photograph!

Make sure you choose your 5 best photographs. They must make trekkers like eager to see what’s on the next page, but also not want to let go of the current picture.

The Calendar of 2022 will be out on our online store in the next few weeks. We will send you an email to let you know.