Indiahikes all set to Restart Himalayan Treks

I have a BIG announcement for you! We are restarting our Himalayan treks! 

It’s been a long wait, and I’m sure you’ve been waiting to rush back to the mountains! I know I have!

But we also understand that this comes with a lot of implications.

COVID is still on us. We need to tread extremely carefully.

Which is why we’re not starting treks with a boom.

We’re slowly phasing in. To begin with, we are opening up treks with only small groups.

Starting September, until the end of November, we are taking only small groups to the mountains. Small groups would be teams of 5-8 people. With a minimum of 3, we are limiting the maximum number of people in small groups to 8.

In addition, we have a 29-point safety check for these treks to make sure there’s no spread of COVID and everyone has a safe trek.

We have also limited the number of treks to 6. All of them are in Uttarakhand.   

1. Brahmatal
2. Ali Bedni Bugyal
3. Dayara Bugyal
4. Kedarkantha
5. Har Ki Dun – Ruinsara Tal
6. Gaumukh Tapovan
7. Phulara Ridge

We’ve been elaborately planning this to ensure we restart trekking safely. We’ve also received approval from the tourism and forest departments.

I am going to be sharing an important link with you here. The link has info on our entire safety check, and what the requirements would be from you.

Here’s the link to all info on our small group treks –

Do go through it and drop in any doubts that you have on the same page.

From December Onwards, We Will Have Regular Teams Going to Our Winter Treks

By December, at the rate with which the government has opened up our country, it will be free for you to travel in any part of our country without any difficulty. 

Which is why we have opened up dates for our famous winter treks: 

Kedarkantha –

Brahmatal –

Dayara Bugyal –

Deoriatal-Chandrashila –

These treks will be starting in December, January and February. They will run like our usual Indiahikes treks, with teams of around 15 people. 

We have already opened up the dates on the links I’ve shared above. You’ll find them in the calendar.

A thoughtful decision from our team: We understand that the COVID situation is unpredictable. Which is why we don’t want you to worry about registering for a trek. If you sign up for any of our winter and you are unable to do the trek because of the COVID situation, we will have no cancellation charges from our end, except for a 4% transaction charge.

This helps you to register for a trek with peace of mind, knowing you can cancel your trek even until the last moment. Trekkers have started registering for treks, and we’d like you to do so with full confidence. We don’t want you to worry about losing out through cancellations.

So go ahead and take a look at the dates. I hope you get to go outdoors soon! Our minds, bodies and spirits are really in need of it during this pandemic!

Let me know if you need any help.

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7 thoughts on “Indiahikes all set to Restart Himalayan Treks

  1. Hi Well done, see that ,IH has put forth few , trekking itineraries, I am interested to joining any group , going out in Uttarakhand / HP.
    Previous experience of Hampta & Sar Pass , will be able to get along any assortment of Trekkers.

  2. Hi.Does the old custom to repeat the trek for free still valid.,i was interested in kedarkantha in december.though i have my covid voucher till 2022which i want to use for my KGL trek