Latest Updates: Nag Tibba Trek Itinerary Extended To Three Days

We have good news for our trekkers. From May onwards, we are changing our Nag Tibba trek from a weekend trek to a three day trek.

Over the past few months, we found that the trek was getting very tiring despite being an easy one. This was because trekkers would reach Dehradun after an overnight journey, they would start the day with a 4-5 hour drive from Dehradun to Panthwari on mountain roads and then start their trek. The exhaustion of the drive and the trek in a single day was taking a lot away from their trek experience.

So we have added another day to the trek. you get to stay for the night at Pantwari, which is a small town. After that you trek the next day, camp overnight and go to Nag Tibba Top on the third day.

This will make it a perfect link between our weekend treks and longer treks as well. It is now well-suited for families and beginners.

Here is what the itinerary looks like now

Day 1:  Assemble at Dehradun Railway Station at 6.30 am.
Drive from Dehradun to Pantwari; 90 kms, 5-6 hours; Camp at base Pantwari

Day 2: Pantwari (4,642 ft)  to Camp 1 (7,627 ft); 5-6 hours

Day 3:  Camp 1 (7,627 ft) to Nag Tibba Top (9,915 ft) via Nag-Tibba Base (8,530 ft)
11 km; 5 hours. Drive back to Dehradun. Book trains or buses from Dehradun after 10 pm.

You can see first of our three day batches opened here.

trek updates-Nag Tibba
We have expanded the Nag Tibba trek to three days

UPDATE (June 27): We have switched back to the old two day itinerary for our current batches.

Kuari Pass and Bhrigu Lake: Perfect beginner’s treks in May-June season

Speaking of easier treks in May-June season, we have Kuari Pass and Bhrigu Lake running these months. Our founder Arjun returned from Kuari Pass on Tuesday with his daughter. He was blown away! 

This is what he had to say about the trek,  “Kuari  has lots of big mountain views. I didn’t expect them to be so close and massive. There are lots of isolated big mountains to see, which is rather surprising. Right off the meadows they surround you!  Even Goechala’s big mountain views don’t come close to this.”     

trek updates- Kuari Pass
Sunrise behind the beautiful Dronagiri peak. PC: Our trekker Sumant

That is an interesting observation he has made – given that Goechala is a difficult trek. To get such a reward from a trek that is accessible to beginners and children is rare! Often, on Himalayan treks, you have to toil hard for such views.

If you want to know what is the appropriate time to start your kids trekking, I have an article you should read. Our founder Arjun has detailed the perfect time to get children on a Himalayan trek. He also talks about how to prepare them for a trek. Read it here.

Bhrigu Lake, on the other hand, is something a beginner should consider in June. Given that it is a trek that will give you meadows, snow, forest, mountain views and a frozen iris of a lake in four days. Phew! Our trekker Nikita Bhatia went for the trek in June last year. She has compiled her experience in a surreal photo story that will take you through the trek. You can check it out here.

There are quite a few June batches left for Bhrigu Lake. You can register for them here.

Speaking of Bhrigu Lake, we have an interesting story from a trekker who did this trek during off season. The trekker, Manas, climbed to the lake in April. This is when the trek is completely snowed out! He had to do it alpine style with an extremely qualified guide. This also happens to be one of the favorite stories I have read this week. 

Read an excerpt from Manas’s account here:

I was aiming for April 1 – 3 and this guy made it clear that the Bhrigu Lake trek was almost impossible for the whole of April! I made enquiries for a guide. No guide I knew in Manali agreed! It sounded just crazy enough for the occasion, I thought to myself with a wry smile.

On the fourth degree of separation from me, I finally found someone who agreed. Qualified with three courses in mountaineering – BMC, AMC and an MOI! It’ll be fun to pioneer the Bhrigu Lake trek this season, he says, and suggests Alpining it! In a classic case of Chinese whispers, what I had planned as a 3-day itinerary got communicated to the guide as a two-day affair. As if it wasn’t crazy enough already!”

Read the entire story here.

Trek with Swathi

If you want more advice on how you should be going about climbing your Himalayan trek’s difficulty grades, I have just the episode for you! Swathi interviews our senior Trek Leader Vishal on how to go about your Himalayan trek ladder. Watch the first part of the Trek with Swathi episode below.

The second part of the episode can be found here.

A weather update from our slopes

Most of our Uttarakhand slopes are seeing pleasant weather: that is Kedarkantha, Deoriatal ChandrashilaHar Ki Dun and Kuari Pass.  The pleasant weather has its repercussions though.

Our first batch of Pangarchulla this season could only go to mini Pangarchulla instead of the main summit. The snow on Pangarchulla, because of the weather, was soft. It not ideal for the summit push. Even microspikes would not give you good traction on them.

The second batch of Pangarchulla, however, got lucky. They managed to climb the main Pangarchulla summit! The snow was 2-feet deep and the batch had to use gaiters.

Our staff in Sari, the base for Deoriatal-Chandrashila, however, made good of the pleasant weather and did a clean up of Sari village. Chopta is getting warm  with day-time temperatures at 15-17 degrees.  There is little snow on the summit. “About 1 kg if you gather all of the snow,” our Trek Leader Venkat told us rather wryly.

Sari clean up- Trek updates-Indiahikes
Warm days on Uttarakhand slopes led to an impromptu clean up at Sari

An overview of our Eastern slopes

Moving to our eastern slopes, the main highlight of Sandakphu trek continues to be its jungle trails, the beautiful village of Gorkhey and Samanden. The last batch faced rain and snow at Sabargram campsite. Apart from few moments at Sabargram, there didn’t get any views of the Sleeping Buddha.

Goechala season starts today! The first batch of Goechala this season are on their way to Yuksom as I am writing this. Yuksom at the moment, according to our Trek Leader Karthik Maddenini, is packed and cloudy. Here is a what our staff in Yuksom is upto, as they are waiting for trekkers to arrive. Karthik just posted a live video of the same on Facebook.

We hope the weather clears out soon. We can’t wait to hear how this grand trek goes!

Updates from Nepal

Moving to Nepal, where our Everest Base Camp Gokyo Ri season just finished, our Trek Leader Chaitan and Green Trails Head Lakshmi should be hitting the Annapurna Base Camp tomorrow. They started from Pokhara on Tuesday.

This trek promises a beautiful trail, clusters of Gurung villages and grand mountain views of Annapurna and Machapuchare. Machapuchare, a mountain peak that splits into a fish tail, is revered by locals and has never been climbed till date! Like Everest Base Camp trail, this trail has seen footfall from legendary mountaineers. There is a memorial for Anatoli Boukreev, the mountaineer who rescued others on 1996 Everest disaster, on this trail. He met his death climbing Annapurna.

We can’t wait to hear stories and see pictures from this trail!

Stay tuned to our website for more updates.

Aswati Anand

Aswati Anand is a journalist in love with the Himalayas. She is interested in stories of resilience from difficult terrains and sustainable living. When not mooning over the mountains, she can be seen doodling in her sketchbook.

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  1. So good to see familiar faces in the picture taken at Sari 🙂 Glad they’re all doing their bit to keep that beautiful little Himalayan village litter-free.

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