Kedarkanta trek review Dec 2012-Abhirup Saha

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Kedarkanta trek review Dec 2012-Abhirup Saha

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Kedarkanta Trek Review By Abhirup Saha

(Kedarkanta trek  –  23 rd December 2012 Batch)

What started with an intricate plan to climb the Kilimanjaro culminated with a climb to Kedarkantha. And we were richer for that, not only because of the huge sums of money saved but the incredible experience we had while climbing a relatively easy peak of 12,500 feet and camping at sub zero temperatures. This was also to be prep for the much colder Chadar trek, when we set our minds to climbing the Kedarkantha. A group of 4, for most of us this was the first experience with Indiahikes.

With rapidly depleting numbers of those who are willing to trek, we decided it’s time we joined larger groups in fixed departures to find out what the experience was like. We are glad that we did; what waited were new friendships, discussions on a wide range of topics, the charm of camping and a trek handled by a superbly organised and dedicated team.


The team led by Raj, co-ordinated by Bharti and assisted by Manish were so well at ease during the whole trip (and impressed us so much) that further trips with Indiahikes is a given, and most definitely with our new friends.



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