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Am I eligible for a Himalayan trek?

Many people are intimidated by the idea of a trek and thinking trekking is not for them. It’s true that there are very real risks and challenges. However, we believe that with the right attitude and preparation, almost everyone can participate in a trek and they do so for all sorts of reasons.

In fact, every year over 20,000 people of all abilities and backgrounds trek with Indiahikes:

  • For most people this is their first ever trek
  • Aged from 7 years all the way to 75 years
  • Solo travellers as well as groups of friends and family
  • Both women and man (34% of trekkers are women)
  • Of varying levels of fitness (but you will need to prepare for your trek)

Preparing for a trek is a great opportunity to get fit. With a regular fitness plan, the fitness requirements are achievable by most people and will ensure maximum enjoyment and safety during the trek.

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