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Availability of dates

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The group I want is full. Can you still add me to the group?

We have a limited number of slots available in the group. I case the group is full, we will not be able to accommodate you in the group. 

The reason behind this is simple. Taking more people than our group limit means that we have to increase the number of tents, food, accommodation on the trek. We will not be able to give a consistent experience on the trek. We want to avoid this.

If there are waitlist slots available, we recommend you register for them. You will get a notification by email if there is a cancellation. 

The date I want is not available. Can you open a group for me on that day?

We open our groups well in advance. We choose dates in a week which are usually around the weekends. 

In case you have a specific date in mind and you do not see a group on our calendar, you can give us a call to open a group that day. 

We will consider opening a group if there are a minimum number of 15 trekkers. Also, we will have to check if it is operationally possible to run the trek for you. 

You can get in touch with our Experience coordinator about this, in case you have 15 trekkers in your group. We will help you out. 


Did you not find the query you had in mind? Pick up the phone and give us a call. Our Experience Coordinators will help you.

Here is our number:  080 4680 1269

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