I am looking for a trek on a specific date.

You must be wondering why the dates you want to go on, do not match with the dates on the website. The reason is, we have a pattern of opening batches. Usually, we open batches on the weekends. There will be a batch starting on Saturday or on a Sunday. We first open Sunday batches, […]

The batch that I am looking for is full. What do I do?

The batch that you might be looking might be full. We do not exceed the capacity of our batches at any cost.  Here are the top alternatives for your trek   Annapurna Base Camp Sandakphu, Pangarchulla, Goechala, Rupin Pass Beas Kund Bhrigu Lake, Prashar Lake, Nag Tibba Bhrigu Lake Beas Kund, Prashar Lake Brahmatal Dayara […]

I am not able to add more friends of mine.

The batch capacity might have maxed out while the trekker is trying to add more participants. This can happen as the batch is open to public and there are quite  a few of them who are registering at the same time. Reduce the number of participants or choose another batch. Else, your entire booking will […]

My friend has already trekked with Indiahikes, but the name is not showing up

You might be entering the friends email id in the “New registration” Section on the Add participant page. This generally happen because the trekker doesn’t know that there is a space to enter email ids of already registered trekkers. The trekker might be entering the wrong email id as well. Please verify the email ID […]

My transaction failed. What do I do?

The payment gateway might have not recorded the card number or there might have been a network issue. Please do try again. The transaction should go through. If your card is not working, please try using another card. Also, please check if you have sufficient funds in the card. Since this is a general payment […]

Amount got debited, did not get the confirmation for the trek.

Oh no. This can get extremely annoying. This might be due to an error in the network. As per the bank rules, in case the transaction has failed and the amount is debited, you will get a refund within the next 72 hours. There might also be a case where our system might not have […]

I want to do UPI payment, is that a good option

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. This is a new initiative from the Govt. of India. These payments are through a payment gateway put up by the government. The feature is still new in our country and we face a lot of problem with this. The payment might come through, but in case if there is […]

My credit / debit card is not getting accepted.

Do you have an Indian card or an international card? Our payment gateway has a known problem with international cards. It rejects all the international cards. Please contact anyone from our office for the link to another payment gateway. We will explain the procedure for registrations. If it is an Indian card, please do contact […]

I have a voucher and cannot see it. / I am not able to use my voucher.

If you do not see your voucher, then it might not be active. You can send an email to the Trek Coordinator to activate the voucher. The Trek coordinator just need the email id with which you had previously registered with us. Please do make sure that your voucher is with-in the validity period.

Can I make partial payment?

I am afraid there is no partial payment option with us. You will have to pay the entire amount to book your trek.

Can I add insurance after making the payment?

If you missed checking the insurance option before, do not worry. You can opt for insurance on your dashboard. You will get access to your dashboard once you make the payment. NOTE : You cannot opt for insurance 5 days before the start of the trek.

When will my waitlist slot get confirmed?

Waitlist slots are given preference as and when there is a cancellation. There is no definite time in which your waitlist slot can get confirmed. If there is a cancellation immediately after you register on waitlist, you will be moved to the main batch and a mail will be sent, asking you to finish the […]