Am I eligible for a Himalayan trek?

Many people are intimidated by the idea of a trek and thinking trekking is not for them. It’s true that there are very real risks and challenges. However, we believe that with the right attitude and preparation, almost everyone can participate in a trek and they do so for all sorts of reasons. In fact, […]

Do you serve Jain food?

We do serve Jain food upon request (without onion, garlic, potatoes). You will have to inform your Trek Coordinator in advance so that we can make arrangements on the slope. Providing Jain food can be difficult on treks like Sandakphu where the staple vegetables are potato and onion. (We try and use as much local […]

How we decide our menu

We have put our menu together after tremendous research on the nutritional requirement of a high altitude trekker. You’ll notice that we always try to include the right amount of calories, carbs, protein, fiber and fat. It took many heads to come together to make this menu – our research team, our ops team (to manage transport of […]

What is the general menu on the trek?

We provide you with healthy, nutritious food thrice a day on your trek. There will be snacks in between too, and sometimes pocket snacks for the trail. Coming to your meals, you’ll be served mostly North Indian vegetarian food. So your typical meal will include roti (Indian flat bread), sabzi (vegetable), rice and dal (lentils). You’ll […]

Water on the trek

The Himalayas are filled with streams and rivers. This is the main source of drinking water for the trek. Our kitchen staff use the same water for cooking purpose as well. The water is clean and is perfectly healthy to consume. In fact it is much better than the chlorinated water that you get in […]

I am looking for a weekend trek.

Nag Tibba, Prashar Lake and Beas kund are our weekends treks. If you are a first time trekker, or if you are looking for a weekend get away, these are the treks you can choose. You can do these treks all round the year. Please go check out the available dates for each of these treks.

What are the top 13 treks to do in India?

Indiahikes has come up with a guide which has all the information about the top 13 treks in India. Trust me, all of them should be a part of your bucket list. You can enroll to get the access for this guide here:

Do you serve non-veg on the trek?

  We don’t provide non-vegetarian food on our treks. You can expect a few eggs where possible, but we don’t serve meat. Meat has extremely high protein content, which is not required on a trek. It is also difficult for the body to digest at high altitude. If you’d like to read more about why […]

I want snow on my trek.

Seeing snow on a trek is all about timing. If you are looking for snow on your trek, you will have to trek in the right season and on the right trek. The snow depends on the altitude you are reaching and the region in which you are trekking. Trek in month of December, January, […]

Which trek can I do this month?

If you are looking for treks to do in this specific month, I have a chart here which can help you find all the treks to do in each month of the year. Month Trek Name January Dayara Bugyal, Brahmatal, Prashar lake, Nag Tibba, Kedarkantha, Sandakphu February Brahmatal, Prashar Lake, nag Tibba, Sandakphu, Kedarkantha March […]

Can you tell me treks which are good for children?

It is always great when children join us on a trek. Any children above the age of 8 can trek the Himalayas, provided they are well taken care of. Having said that, all the treks which go up to 12,000 feet are apt for children. These treks are not too difficult and also offer great […]

I am first-time trekker. Can you suggest me a few treks to do?

Choosing your first Himalayan trek is not easy. On the Indiahikes website, there are over 25 treks to choose from. Some people have a specific trek in mind and are disappointed if there is no availability on their preferred dates, however there are many less well-known treks that have similar features and are equally beautiful. […]