How can I get a gift voucher from Indiahikes?

Gifting a trek voucher is a wonderful gesture you can show to your friend or family member. At Indiahikes, you can gift a trek voucher for the amount of your choice! This voucher will be valid for one year and can be used while registering for any of our treks. You can just send an […]

I am not sure how to reach the basecamp.

Most of our treks have pick-up points at central locations. They are places like the Dehradun railway station, NJP railway station, etc. All trekkers meet at this central location and drive to the base camp together. We’ll organise the transport. However, you will have to pay the driver directly. You could even reach the base […]

My voucher expires in a few days

Here is something that you need to know about our vouchers. If your expiry date mentioned on the voucher is 28th of December 2018, this means that you can register for any trek which is open on the website, within the 28th of December 2018. A common misunderstanding that trekkers have is that they think […]

How much does backpack offloading cost?

On most treks, it costs approximately Rs. 250 per day per backpack, plus 5% GST. In some cases, it might go up to Rs. 300 per day. This depends on the trek. If the trek is longer and tougher operationally, then the cost of the mule or porter increases. It also depends on what the […]

How can I assess if I am fit for a trek?

The best way to assess yourself is to go out for a jog. Try covering 5 km and check the timing. An app like Nike Run or any other running app can help you check the distance and time. If you can cover 5 km in 45 mins by brisk walking, that’s good timing. If […]

My BMI is above 26. Am I eligible for a trek?

Being on the higher side of BMI does cause problems on a trek. But, this does not mean that you are not eligible for the trek. We ask for the BMI just to alert ourselves. But we care more about fitness than your BMI. Even if you are on the higher side of BMI and […]

Are my fitness screenshots and medical certificate compulsory?

Both these documents are mandatory. Your fitness screenshots help us know that you are preparing for the trek and are fit to go. These also help you gain confidence to do the trek successfully. You can install a fitness app ( Eg- Nike run club ), go for a jog. Cover the distance as per […]

The weather outside is bad, can I run on a treadmill and record the activity?

Running on the treadmill is not something we advice. This is not going to help your knees. Go run outside. Get used to the hardness of the ground. This is going to help your knees during a steep descent during your trek. We understand if it is raining heavily (like in Mumbai) or it is […]

How do I upload my fitness screenshot?

The screenshots from the fitness app have to uploaded on your dashboard. You access your dashboard by clicking on the login button on the top right corner of our website. You use your registered email id and the password to login to your dashboard. You can find the “Add Details” button on your dashboard. Click […]

What is backpack offloading?

  Offloading means to have someone else (usually mules or porters) carry your backpack for you during your trek. You can pay an additional charge to have someone else carry it for you. It is an optional facility. How much does it cost? On most treks, it costs approximately Rs. 250 per day per backpack, […]

What are the terms and conditions for offloading a backpack?

To offload your backpack, there are a few terms and conditions. No suitcases, trolley bags or duffel bags can be offloaded. The bags you offload must have shoulder straps. The weight limit is 9 kg. We have weighing machines at each of our slopes. Anything more than 9 kg, you will have to pay for […]

Can I offload halfway through the trek?

In case of an emergency or a genuine reason, you can offload your backpack halfway through the trek. Offline offloading charges are Rs. 100 more than online rate. This is because the trek leader has to arrange for another mule or a porter for the bag to be carried in the last minute. We would […]