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I am an avid trekker. I want to contribute to the vision of Indiahikes by documenting a trek.

We are so glad that you are exploring and decided to contribute to our Trek Documentation. Indiahikes is a trekking community. With more and more documented treks, it gives a lot of new trekkers to go out and trek.

We genuinely believe that trekking is good for the mind, body and spirit. Everyone should trek. It transforms life.

Here is what you can do.

  1. Have you already done a trek and want to submit that to our documentation team?Get in touch with Suhas. he heads the documentation team. Here is his email address – [email protected]
    Suhas will get in touch with you and help you modify your documentation to Indiahikes’ trek documentation format.
  2. Are you planning to go a trek and need help in how to document a trail.Suhas is the best person to get in touch with. He will give you a documentation template. You can use that while you are on the trek, exploring. This template will help you get all the information to prepare a good Trek Documentation.

I used your documentation to do a trek. I have photos that I want to contribute

The more the merrier!

We always are on the lookout for more photos of a trek. Every season, every month is different on any trek. The more photos you have of different seasons, it helps trekkers get a good idea of the trek. This again is in line with our vision that Everyone must trek.

If you are looking to contribute to our vast photo collection of the trek, all you have to do is send an email to [email protected] Our Photo team will get in touch with you and take things forward.

In case your photo gets selected by our Website team to be featured in our trek documentation, you will be given photo credits on the website.

We also have very exciting photo contests. Keep a lookout for that.

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