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Eligibility Criteria

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How do I know if I am eligible for a particular trek?

We have separate eligibility criteria for each of our treks. It depends on the difficulty and the duration of the trek. 

To know what is the criteria for the trek you are going for, please visit the trek page. You will find a section called Eligibility criteria. 

Here is the link to find the trek pages of Indiahikes:

If you are still having doubts, you can pick up the phone and give a call to our Experience Coordinator. They will help you access your fitness and choose your trek. 


I am not able to meet the fitness criteria. What happens to my registration?


If you are not able to meet the criteria, we would like you to access yourself to figure by how much are you missing out on reaching the goal. 

If you not very close ( 5 to 10 mins ) to the goal mentioned, we recommend you reconsider the trek. 

The fitness criteria have been tried and tested by our team members. We have also had hundreds of trekkers going through this schedule. We have observed that trekkers have a great time on the trek and do the trek with ease if they are able to meet the criteria. 

We do understand that each case is different. No one will be able to put a blanket rule on fitness. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Experience Coordinators. They are experts in treks and can help you access yourself better. They will also give you tips on getting trek ready.


How does Indiahikes check for fitness before the trek?


We have a very simple way to check for fitness. We ask for running or workout screenshots. 

We believe running is a good way to get your cardio going. We suggest trekkers run with a run tracking app on their phone. Record your run with the GPS on. 

Once you’re able to meet the time limit we have mentioned, take a screenshot of your run. Upload this screenshot on your trek dashboard. Your Experience Coordinator will check and approved your fitness screenshots. 

I am not a runner. Can I show my other workouts?


We understand that not all of them prefer to run. However, we do encourage you to run. We believe this is the simplest way to prepare for your trek. 

Some of them prefer cycling or swimming. We are okay with that. 

Anything that is helping you work on your cardio should be fine. This will help you prepare for the trek. 

In case you are cycling, try covering 22 kms in an hour. This is good timing and helps you prepare well for the trek. 

Please record your cardio activity and upload the same on your trek dashboard for approval. 

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