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Facilities at the basecamp

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Is there a cloakroom facility to keep my extra luggage?

All of our basecamps have a cloakroom facility. You can keep the extra luggage that you would not need while on a trek.

There are a few treks where you end the trek in a completely different location. We transport your cloakroom luggage to the place where you end the trek. This is possible on all two to four-day treks. 

In big pass crossing treks, Rupin pass, Buran Ghati, Pin Bhaba pass where the trek ends in a completely different district or state, there is no cloakroom facility available. 

There are a few things to note. 

Do not keep any valuables in the cloakroom luggage. Things like phones, laptops or even cash should not be in the luggage. Make sure you have nothing more than the clothes.

It is also easier to identify your luggage if you write your name on it. You can use a naming tag on the luggage. We also recommend you writing your trek date as well. 

Please do not keep anything in plastic covers. Things easily get lost when it is in normal plastic covers. We recommend you bring a bag for your cloakroom luggage. 


Can I take a hot shower at the base camp?

All of our basecamps have the facility to take a hot shower. We know how important it is after you come back from a trek 🙂 

However, we do not recommend you to take a shower the day you reach the basecamp, before your trek. Your body will still be getting used to the weather and the altitude. We usually see trekkers falling ill before the trek when they take a shower.

Can I park my own vehicle at the base camp?

Some of our basecamps have the facility to park your own vehicle inside our premises. While in others, you might have to park at a safe place in the village. 

Our teams at the base will help you out with this. We do get a lot of trekkers who come by their own vehicle. 

To know more about the base camp of the trek you are going on, you can visit the trek page.
You can also give a call to your Experience Coordinator to know more about this. 


Will I get a mobile network at the base camp?

This depends on the trek you are going to. 

Most of the villages where our base is have gotten network towers installed. They are well connected. 

There are a few exceptions. All the treks running out of the Sankri and Gauchwan Goan region do not have a network. So, if you are doing the Kedarkantha or the Har Ki Dun trek, you will be completely out of the network from the day you reach the basecamp. 

While you are on the trek, you will be off in the wilderness. There is not going to be any mobile signal.

Switch your phone off for a few days and enjoy the mighty Himalayas without any distraction 🙂

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