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How can I shift my batch date?

In case you want to shift from one trek to another, drop an email to the Trek coordinator about your preferred trek and the batch date.

Based on the availability, your trek coordinator will shift you and send you a confirmation.

Since the trek fee for each trek is different, there will be a change in the amount you have paid.

There could be two scenarios here.

  1. Shift from a lower priced trek to a higher one.
  2. Shift from a higher priced trek to a lower one.

In the first case, once you have been shifted to another trek, you’ll see that your trek is in “Payment” status on your Trek Dashboard.

You can access your dashboard once you make the payment for the trek.

You can login to your dashboard, click on “Complete Booking” to pay the balance in the trek fee.

In the second case, the balance in amount will be refunded back to the account from which you made the initial payment.

The refund might take upto 3-4 days.

There are no charges for shifting batches or treks.

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