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How we decide our menu

We have put our menu together after tremendous research on the nutritional requirement of a high altitude trekker. You’ll notice that we always try to include the right amount of calories, carbs, protein, fiber and fat.

It took many heads to come together to make this menu – our research team, our ops team (to manage transport of food items, kitchen equipment, gas cylinders, etc to campsites), our cooks, who were trained specifically for this, and of course, our Green Trails team, to ensure that we produce minimal waste with all the cooking.

If you’re particular about some vegetables (onion / potato) not being in your food, or your food not being too spicy, tell your trek leader at the start of the trek. He’ll speak to the cooks. But it is a high altitude trek after all – it is going to be a lesson in minimalism for many.

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