I want to do UPI payment, is that a good option

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface.

This is a new initiative from the Govt. of India.

These payments are through a payment gateway put up by the government. The feature is still new in our country and we face a lot of problem with this.

The payment might come through, but in case if there is a refund that has to be done,  these accounts are a problem.

The refund keeps getting failed continuously.

I would suggest you avoid using UPI for payment.

Vishnu Benne

Vishnu Benne

Vishnu heads the FinOps team at Indiahikes. He is a problem-solver at heart, and has been solving problems of the trekking world since 2016. Although Vishnu started as a Trek Coordinator, he moved to Operations to set some much-needed processes. Not many know this, but Vishnu built an effective system to keep track of equipment in the remote Himalayan locations. He is also an adventure enthusiast who pursues a new adventure every year. So far, he has earned an advanced certificate in Skiing from IISM Gulmarg, has done about 10 high altitude treks and is a licensed scuba diver. To top it, he is also a trained classical singer who can play the Ukulele. In fact, if you drop in at Indiahikes office, you might just catch him singing! Vishnu hopes to use his varied exposure to bring new technologies and processes into the world of treks. You can catch him on [email protected]