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Transport Related Queries

Is the transportation to and from basecamp included in the trek fee?

The trek fee covers everything from the basecamp, the trek and back to the basecamp. The transport cost from the pick-up location to and from the basecamp is not included in the trek fee. 

We work with local vehicle drivers and we ensure that the transport fee goes directly through them. We ask all our trekkers to pay our local transport coordinator directly right after your drive.

We ensure the local community benefits directly from this.

Whom do we have to pay the cab fee?

Recently, we digitalised the whole process of transport payment. We requested our local transport coordinator to start accepting UPI payments.

You will find a QR code in the cab which you can scan and make the payment. Your experience coordinator will also be sharing the same QR code with you on Whatsapp a day before the pick-up date.

Please ensure you pay through this QR code only. 

If the QR code is not working, you can pay the driver in cash as well. So, keep cash in handy. You can also, ask the driver to stop at an ATM on your way to the basecamp. 


What kind of vehicles are available?

There are two types of vehicles that our transport coordinator usually arranges. It is either a Bolero (5-seater) or a Tempo Traveller (13-seater). 

Our transport coordinator arranges these based on availability and group size. 

We do not have an option where trekkers can choose the type of vehicle. It depends on what is available on the day of the pick-up. 

We have ensured that each of the vehicles gets sanitized and cleaned before the pick-up. It is safe to travel in them even during these covid times.

Can I change my pickup location?

We have fixed pick-up locations. 

The pick-up locations we choose are usually main public spaces. Like the bus stop or the railway station. In some cases, we also choose a hotel as the pick-up point. These hotels are the ones that trekkers usually stay in. 

Changing a pick-up location means that we will spend a lot of time going around the city to pick close to 20 trekkers in a group. This is why we keep one single location and a specific time for the pickup. 

To know about your pick up location for your trek, visit the trek page. Here is the link to find your trek page:

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