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What is backpack offloading?


Offloading means to have someone else (usually mules or porters) carry your backpack for you during your trek. You can pay an additional charge to have someone else carry it for you. It is an optional facility.

How much does it cost?

On most treks, it costs approximately Rs. 250 per day per backpack, plus 5% GST.
In some cases, it might go up to Rs. 300 per day. This depends on the trek.

What we recommend

We don’t usually encourage trekkers to offload their backpacks. These backpacks are carried by mules or porters. Having too many mules on a trail isn’t good for the ecosystem and as for porters, they are hard to find.

Besides, when you complete a trek by carrying your own backpack, the confidence and gratification that you get at the end of the trek is incomparable!

So try and reconsider offloading your backpack. Unless of course you have a genuine issue, we’ll understand if you want to offload it.

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