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What is the general menu on the trek?

We provide you with healthy, nutritious food thrice a day on your trek. There will be snacks in between too, and sometimes pocket snacks for the trail.

Coming to your meals, you’ll be served mostly North Indian vegetarian food. So your typical meal will include roti (Indian flat bread), sabzi (vegetable), rice and dal (lentils).

You’ll also find familiar food like khichdi, rajma chawal, pulao, pancakes and sandwiches. There will be copious amounts of hot chai and soup of course! 🙂

All of these are made with as less oil as possible and as much “health” as possible.

Also, we are trying to go green in the way we buy the raw materials for our dishes.
We have stopped buying masalas in small packets, instead we are looking for whole sale dealers who give them in loose.

This way we are reducing the plastic we are consuming.

So, when on our treks, you not only get to eat healthy food, but you can eat them guilt free 🙂

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