Trekkers Successfully Complete Everest And Annapurna Base Camp Treks

In this week’s recap, we have some interesting news for you. We saw the successful execution of our Everest and Annapurna Base Camp Treks – our treks in Nepal. The Everest Base Camp Trek had a case of a helicopter rescue as well – read more on this below.

On the other hand on most of our Indian Himalayan treks, there has been snow the past week. Scroll down to read the latest updates from all our active treks.

Bonus: We’ll tell you about a trek that can give the Swiss Alps a run for its money! This trek in Himachal Pradesh can easily be completed in 4 days. Sounds interesting? Scroll down to know the Trek Pick of the Week.

Everest Base Camp

All except 2 trekkers complete the trek

After 11 days of tireless trekking, our first group for the season reached Everest Base Camp last Wednesday (11th April). Trek Leader Karthik Maddineni and Trek Manager Dhansingh led the team to the base camp. As you read this, they are on their way back to Lukla from Namche Bazaar.

Our first successful group for the season

It snowed on the trek, making it no less than an expedition. But they were lucky enough to get clear views too!

The beautiful Ama Dablam on the right. This is one day into the EBC trek. Picture by Karthik Maddineni
Cholatse, Kangtega, Thamserku, Kusum Kangri, Gokyo village and a frozen Gokyo lake. Picture by Karthik Maddineni
The Gokyo village by the lakeside (~16,000 ft). Picture by Trek Leader Karthik Maddineni

Two trekkers evacuated by helicopter

The first trekker was turned around before crossing Gokyo Ri as he wasn’t coping too well.

The second trekker was evacuated because of an advanced state of HAPE after crossing the Chola Pass (17,782 ft). The trekker’s oxygen level had dropped to nearly 69, even after administering medicines.

So Karthik took a call to evacuate him immediately. Because of bad weather conditions, the helicopter took some time to reach the evacuation point. Once the weather cleared out the helicopter was able to make a clean landing and rescue the trekker. We’re happy to announce that the trekker is safe and was immediately off the danger post the evacuation.

The Helicopter evacuation done at EBC. Picture by: Trek Leader Karthik Maddineni

Second team to Everest Base Camp on its way

Our second team to EBC has started its trek. They reached Lukla on Thursday. Trek Leader Geet Tryambake and Trek Manager Mukesh Panwar are leading them to EBC.

The new batch of Everest Base Camp Trekkers posing proudly with our trek leader Geet.

Note: It is important to understand that any evacuation on this trek requires helicopter support and hence is costly. This cost is nearly $1200 and must be added to your expected expenses when you’re budgeting your EBC trek.

We have an article specifically to help you budget this trek. Make sure you go through it.

Annapurna Base Camp

3 teams complete the ABC trek successfully

The third group for Annapurna Base Camp is already back on their way to Pokhara. All batches had good weather as Himanshu Thapa, our Trek Leader told us. After having done nearly 6-7 treks in the Himalayas, he says this one is closest to his heart.

Trek Leader Himanshu Thapa at Annapurna Base Camp

Nag Tibba

We’ve added dates in July, August and September

Frankly, we’re not surprised to receive such positive reviews for this small 2-day weekend trek. The descent trail is so beautiful and refreshing passing through the forest trail that trekkers often get blues on reaching Panthwari, the end point of this trek.

On popular demand, we have extended this trek for the months of July, August and September. For all those of you planning a short yet rewarding trek in the Himalayas somewhere around Dehradun, this trek is for you. It might rain a bit since these are monsoon months, but if you’re geared with rain wear, you’re good to go.

Trekkers make their way out of dense forests into a clearing at Nag Tibba. Picture By: Achal Walia

Basecamp change for Kedartal and Gaumukh Tapovan

Due to the upcoming Chardham yatra, we have decided to change the base camp location for both these treks from Gangotri to Dharali.

Dharali is a sleepy hamlet situated on the banks of the river Ganga and provides a secluded experience to our trekkers, away from the hustle bustle of Gangotri.

The travel time from Dehradun to Dharali is 10-12 hours and is completed on Day 1 of the trek. On Day 2 of the trek, trekkers hike up to Chirbasa via Gangotri for Gaumukh Tapovan and Bhojkharak for Kedartal.

Kheerganga Buni-Buni Pass

Snow as deep as 3 feet at Buni-Buni Pass

Our Trek Manager Vishwanath Bhandari, who is setting up the campsites on the Kheerganga Buni Buni pass trek, says there is 2-3 feet of snow at the pass. Trekkers heading to Kheerganga Buni-Buni Pass in this month can expect a good amount of snow and respite from the surging temperatures down in cities. We don’t have the latest photos from this trek thanks to bad internet connection but we will share one in our next week’s updates.

Note: Please don’t underestimate a trek because of its duration. Even though the trek is just 3-day long our trek leaders recommend good quality trek shoes and poles. 

Kuari Pass

A trek that refuses to let the snow go

This Uttarakhand trek has transformed itself into a white paradise. Just see this picture below and you will realise why I say so. Many trekkers couldn’t believe their eyes when the first slanted sun rays lit up their paths in the powdery snow below. If you’re headed to Kuari Pass in the coming weeks be prepared with your 5 warm layers and proper trekking shoes and jackets. Read this article for more information on keeping warm in such weather conditions.

Trekkers trace out the trail which was otherwise covered in a blanket of snow. Picture by Krishna


No water at Gailgad forces trekkers to summit Pangarchulla from Khullara campsite

We started this season’s climb to Pangarchulla last week, with two teams going up. We had heard from our trek leaders (who went on a trial run a few days ago) and locals that there is too much snow at Gailgad, the second campsite. Later we found out that there was absolutely no water present at this campsite. All water sources are frozen. Any attempt to carry water tanks from the previous campsite would be impossible due to the terrain.

It was finally decided that trekkers would continue their trek to Pangarchulla summit without stopping at Gailgad. That would mean an extra 2 km to be covered in the same day for our trekkers. All trekkers responded well to this decision and agreed to climb to the summit right from Khullara. Trek Leaders Samkit Jain and Tanmay Bain were all praise for their teams. Check out this photo below.

Trekkers on their way to the Pangarchulla summit. Picture By: Trek Leader Samkit Jain


Snow after a long time at Kedarkantha

It snowed again at Kedarkantha summit yesterday. Although the last few weeks were dry, things changed for better after 11th of April. Snow or no snow, this trek is still an absolute delight in all seasons. We recommend this trek to all first timers looking to have a slice of the grand Himalayas.


The ever-changing face of Sandakphu Phalut Trek

The weather on this trek is really favourable right now. Our last 2 batches that returned from this trek with glowing reviews. Trek Leader Imroz sent us such a heartfelt feedback of this trek that all of us at office fell in love with it.

From golden evenings to clear nights to frosty mornings – this trek is like a gallery of emotions. Check these photos on our Instagram handle below

This morning, our Trek Leader sent us a message saying Sandakphu is the best trek he's been to. Coming from a Trek Leader, that's saying a LOT! . Here's what he has to say, "It's the weather that changes everyday! One day it's all foggy, giving you that spooky feel and the next day you are beneath an ocean of clouds! . The next day, you are walking through landscape that looks like it's been invaded by aliens! And after that, you're in a thick bamboo forest followed by Gorkhey, a gorgeous village!" . He sent all these pictures, with so many colours and patterns from the previous batch he led. Each day looks like a different trek doesn't it? . Those of you who have been to Sandakphu, do you agree with Imroz?

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Har Ki Dun

Clear weather, manageable snow

This trek has had some relief from endless snowfall during the last few weeks. Last we heard, trekkers informed that the weather has cleared up and the snow on this trek has become manageable. At the moment, it’s the right mix of snow and greenery!

The ‘Har-Ki-Dun’ Campsite stands beside a small stream of water with the grand mountain peaks in the background.

Those are trek updates from the past week. I have a few more updates for you.

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Trek Pick of the week

Bhrigu Lake – A Trek With Unending Meadows

This 4-day trek is one of the most rewarding treks in the country. The high altitude meadows on this trek are to die for. If you think the meadows of Switzerland are amazing come take a look at the unending meadows on this trek. Take my word for this trek if you want an easy-moderate trek that gives you the best of worlds.

Bhrigu Lake-Indiahikes-meadows on the way to Bhrigu lake 2-1
The unending high altitude alpine meadows of Bhrigu Lake.

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