Latest Updates (May 14th-May 19th): IMD Issues Fresh ‘Bad Weather’ Warnings

 Latest Trek Updates: 19-05-2018 : 12:00:00

Roopkund: Trekkers finally reach Roopkund Lake!

Trek Leader Devang called us a few minutes ago and informed that his group of trekkers were able to summit Roopkund. Trekkers started early morning at 4:00 AM from Bhagwabasa campsite and reached the lake around 7:00 AM in the morning. This is the first group that has been able to reach the Roopkund Lake this season. The elusiveness of Roopkund finally comes to a halt.

We’re hopeful that the present weather conditions will continue and all other groups will also be able to witness the enthralling climb to Roopkund. We will upload pictures/videos as soon as we receive them, here.

 Latest Trek Updates: 18-05-2018 : 16:50:00

Rupin Pass: Sunny Weather, Clear Skies

If you remember we had shared a video of our first group of trekkers crossing the Rupin Pass in heavy snowstorm, last week. Well our latest group of trekkers came down and informed us of clear blue skies and green meadow views with very less sight of snowfall. This is how weather changes at high-altitude. In a matter of a week, all that snow melted away and the lower waterfall campsite has turned green as ever. Trekkers heading there in the coming week can expect similar weather.

 Latest Trek Updates: 18-05-2018 : 11:18:00

Deoriatal Chandrashila: Rains at Chopta, cloudy at Chandrashila

Since the last few days, it has been raining at Chopta – mostly at nights. Trekkers were able to climb up to the Chandrashila summit but got restricted views due to clouds. The trails had verglas in some parts and therefore it is recommended to be extra cautious and follow an experienced trek leader/guide. Wear good quality trek shoes and carry ponchos without fail.

Roopkund: Heavy rainfall at Lohajung

Yesterday night it rained heavily with thunderstorms at Lohajung. Today morning the weather cleared up and our trekking teams were able to make progress. We’re keeping a close eye on Roopkund till bad weather subsides. Rest assured, all trekkers are safe, sound and happy to see snowfall in the seething months of May.

Dayara Bugyal: Sunny mornings and rainy evenings

At Dayara it has become almost customary to have rainfall everyday post afternoon. The sunny mornings are washed away with a cool afternoon breeze and rains in the evenings. This has made the weather favourable and good for trekking.

Latest Trek Updates: 15-05-2018 : 16:23:00

Goechala: Season ends on a jubilant high.

All groups of trekkers were able to safely complete this trek for the season. The weather has been a good mixture of snowfall and warm sunshine. Trek Leader Varun reports that after crossing Dzongri (13,024 ft) most afternoons and evenings witnessed snow. The daily cycle of snow was followed by bright morning sunshine which would melt the snow from last night.

Trekkers camped at the Thansing campsite on the Goechala trek. Picture by: Trek Leader Varun

Bad Weather Forecast for the next 2 days by IMD – All trekking teams on alert!

IMD issued a fresh notice today, forecasting bad weather in isolated places over Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Following this notice, we have asked all our slope managers to stay on alert and keep the teams on hold. Till last night weather on all slopes had cleared but starting today, the weather has again taken a downturn.

Snapshot of the latest IMD notice. Click on the picture to read the entire notice.

Are you heading to the mountains in the following week? If Yes, follow the below steps:

1. Double check all your gear – ponchos, trek poles, trek shoes and waterproof backpacks.

2. If you’re going on your own contact the local Forest Departments officials and plan out your trek.

3. Keep a tab on this page. We will bring you the latest information from all slopes including IMD’s official broadcast right here, on this page.

Latest Trek Updates: 14-05-2018 : 18:37:00

Rupin Pass – Bad Weather doesn’t deter trekkers to complete the trek.

The first group of trekkers for this trek reached down to Sangla today. The weather through out was snowy, windy and rainy. In fact, they trekked under snowfall on the pass crossing day as well. However, once they crossed the pass, they experienced warmer climate. At Rontigad trekkers even had a surprise snowfall under bright sunshine.

The latest photo of Rupin pass covered in a carpet of snow. Picture by: Sonakshi Lele
The Lower Waterfall campsite from the Rupin Pass trek.

Roopkund – None of the batches so far have been able to reach the Roopkund lake this season.

Bad weather coupled with incessant snowfall has stopped trekkers in their paths. There was some hope yesterday as the skies cleared, but since today morning it has again become cloudy. Rainfall is expected in the next 24-48 hours.

Trek Leader Venkat called us from Bhagwabasa, the highest campsite on this trek and informed that there has been massive snowfall since yesterday. Our technical team of guides will try to open up the route as soon as it is safe to do so. We expect the weather to clear out in another 2 days.

Meanwhile, we received this photo from a trekker who had to return back from Kalu Vinayak temple, further ahead from Pathar Nachauni campsite. The campsite is the last point till where our trekkers could reach in the present weather conditions

The Pathar Nachauni campsite under dense black clouds. Picture By: Shramona Poddar

Kedartal Trek – Still no permissions from the Forest Department due to bad weather

The forest department has still not opened up this trek citing bad weather conditions and avalanche prone areas. All trekkers from our 19th May group have been informed of this decision. Trekkers can choose any of the other Indiahikes treks.

Gaumukh Tapovan – Green signal to run the trek

The trek has been re-opened after it was closed for few days in the last week, again due to bad weather. All groups will proceed with the trek until further notice from the Forest Department.

All other treks (Har Ki Dun, Kedarkantha, Deoriatal Chandrashila, and Dayara Bugyal) are running properly with no bad weather conditions. Keep checking this thread as we bring you latest, on-slope information.

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28 thoughts on “Latest Updates (May 14th-May 19th): IMD Issues Fresh ‘Bad Weather’ Warnings

  1. Hi Aditya,

    I am joining 25th May batch for Gaumukh Tapovan trek. Good to see it is reopened. But can you please confirm whether Tapovan is reachable. All the trail till Tapovan in unaffected or not.

    Thanks in Advanced.

    1. Hi Biman,
      As of now, there is a lot of snow at Tapovan and we cannot say for sure how the trail is. If the weather stays clear for the next few days, the trail will open up.

    1. Hi Bhargav,
      Your trek will happen as scheduled.
      As of now, there is too much snow on the trail beyond Bhagwabasa. No group has managed to go beyond that.
      However, snow melts quickly when the weather is clear. The entire trail is likely to be accessible by the time your batch reaches Bhagwabasa.

  2. Hi Aditya,

    I am in 20th May batch of rupin pass trek. Hope it goes fine. Any further updates from the teams in rupin?

    1. Hi Shubhashree,
      The first two batches of the Rupin Pass trek have successfully completed the trek. They faced rough weather and the first batch even experienced some intense snowfall while crossing the pass. But the trekkers are all fine.

  3. Hi,
    any updates from the roopkund trek have any of the batches been able to visit the lake. I am on the the 30th May batch, hoping we get to visit the lake.

    1. Hi Chinmay,
      No batch has gone beyond Bhagwabasa yet. When the weather clears, snow will melt rapidly. You should be able to go all the way to the lake if you are starting on 30th May since summit day is over two weeks away.

  4. Hello Sneha,
    Is there any update on the Roopkund trek from the batches who were till Bhagwabasa in last 2 days?
    We are on May 24th batch so we are just so anxious looking at the bad weather.

    1. Hi Ajay,
      None of our batches have gone beyond Bhagwabasa yet. It rained there heavily yesterday. We expect the weather to clear soon. By the time your batch reaches, the snow should have melted enough for us to open the trail all the way to Roopkund.

  5. Hi Sneha,
    I am registered in June 2nd batch for Roopkund and I have read all the responses above about this trek and I hope the weather clears up soon. However, let’s say if the weather turns bad again and if we are not able to go beyond Bhagwabasa or even till Bhagwabasa then will that be counted as trek done or we can choose another trek in the coming months in lieu of that?

    1. Hi Shaily,
      Yes, this will be counted as a trek done. However, if you are unable to finish the trek for any reason, you are welcome to return and complete the Roopkund trek without paying any trek fee.

  6. Congratulation IH Team,

    Good to see trekker reached Roopkund Lake. Now I am eagerly to see trekker reached Tapovan. As I am joining on 25th May batch. Keeping finger crossed.


  7. Hi Sneha,

    Tapovan trail is clear? Can we reach up to Tapovan? I am joining 25th May batch for Gaumukh-Tapovan trek.

    1. Hi Mayur,
      The route to Tapovan is not open. The forest department is not permitting people to go to Tapovan because it is not safe to cross the Bhagirathi river at the moment. You will have received an email from your Trek Coordinator with the alternative plan.

  8. kindly let me know the status of 25 may tapovan trekkers. whats the climate and currently where are they

    mrunlal kolwankar

    1. Hi Mrunal,

      We heard from them yesterday and the group is running fine. They are heading to Gaumukh today and will be returning back to Chirbasa.

  9. Completed the Rupin pass trek in the May 20th batch. And it was wonderful in all aspects. We did not encounter any extremities but a pleasant snow fall and a lot of snow on the last 2 days.

  10. Hi ,
    I am planning to go for Roopkund trek in the month of September. Can anyone please guide on best time to trek for Roopkund and what will be the other best alternative.


    1. Hi Pritesh,
      Roopkund is beautiful in September. There will be no snow on the trail. However, the meadows will be green and the forests around Ghaeroli Patal will have started to take on autumn colours. Views will also be clear.