4 Best Monsoon Treks in the Indian Himalayas

It’s that time of the year when clouds come crashing down, leaving the skies bluer, the earth greener and the air, cleaner. What better way to experience this than in the mountains? We have chosen four of the best monsoon treks in the Himalayas. You might get a little wet, but it’s worth every drop! Take a look.


Valley of Flowers

It’s no surprise that Valley of Flowers is one of the most sought-after monsoon treks in India. Week after week, gorgeous flowers of intoxicating scents sprout from the wet earth, covering the valley in a carpet of colours. One week, the flowers are pink, and the next, they’re yellow and later, red and so on. To add to that, the setting is an absolute joy; snow-capped mountains rise on either side and puffy clouds cling onto the valley.

Best monsoon treks - Himalayas - Indiahikes
The Valley of Flowers trek in Uttarakhand is bursting with life in monsoon. Picture by Praveen Shekar


Tarsar Marsar

We have reason to believe that Tarsar Marsar is the most beautiful trek we run. When we explored this trek in July 2014, we were stunned by the untouched, exaggerated beauty of the alpine lakes and the luxuriant meadows. It left us speechless for a week. The best aspect of this trek, however, is the variety. Every day is an independent trek, and you never know what to expect. One day you’ll see fresh water musically flowing down over ledges, and the next day, you’ll see enormous lakes amidst mountains decorated with patches of snow. Sheep graze peacefully and horses sprint about freely. The land is every bit as picturesque as a paradise ought to be.


Kashmir Great Lakes 

Usually, on a high altitude trek, it’s normal to see one alpine lake or perhaps two. But on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, seven alpine lakes appear day after day, surprising you with their enormity and their unprecedented beauty every time! The best part is that every lake is unique and boasts of its own beauty. On the other hand, the landscape just after monsoon is spectacular, with lush meadows, and tiny flowers littered on the floor, so much so, that you’ll wonder where to step without trampling upon the flowers. The freshness of it can be overwhelming. The eye-catching maple trees and plains of Satsar are special highlights of this trek, apart from the lakes themselves.

monsoon treks india - kashmir great lakes - indiahikes
The Kashmir valley in monsoon. Picture by Pradeep BR


Hampta Pass

Simply put, the Hampta Pass is Himachal’s Valley of Flowers. The landscape is strikingly similar to that of Valley of Flowers – a green narrow valley protected by snow-covered mountains – but there’s an added bonus here. When you get onto the other side of the Hampta Pass, you’ll be in awe looking at the stark contrast from what you just left behind. The landscape that stretches in front of you is Spiti Valley, known for its barren stretches, rugged terrain and forget-me-not blue skies. The trek ends with a bang on the last day, with a drive to Chandrataal, a striking blue alpine lake in a stark desert. It is indeed a trek of contrasting surprises!

monsoon treks near himachal - indiahikes - hampta pass
Hampta Pass turns into a Valley of Flowers in monsoon. Picture by Sourasis Das

So that’s the list of monsoon treks that we think are the best. Have you done any treks in monsoon? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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