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Acute Mountain Sickness

IIM Mountain Challenge 2016 – Things to get

The IIM Mountain Challenge takes place in the most beautiful slopes in the Himalayas. But to make sure your trek goes smooth, ensure you carry all the things mentioned in this quick checklist.

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Get Inspired

When Indiahikes trekkers ran into legendary mountaineer Bachendri Pal at Kanamo

Our Kanamo trekkers fell speechless when they bumped into legendary mountaineer Bachendri Pal and her Everest-er colleagues. They were almost in tears at her incredibly kind gestures. Read more to know what happened!

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Expert Opinion

Why Roopkund is a great trek

Arjun Majumdar reviews the Roopkund trek and gives it a 4.5/5. In this article, he lists a few reasons to do the trek, that are not known to many.

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Green Trails

When waste turns into something you can sleep on

The use and throw culture has become deeply ingrained in our society’s fabric. Here Green Trails Crusader Lakshmi brings new life to disposed waste.

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Photo contests

Choose your favourite photo from the nominations of July 2016

Take a look at the nominations of the Photo Contest of July 2016! Make sure you vote for the Trekkers’ Choice Prize!

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Trekking tips

Trekking in Spiti Valley? Here are a few places you shouldn’t miss!

Spiti Valley is a moonland with plenty to offer our trekkers! With a lot of our treks beginning or ending in this surreal Valley, we decided to list out our favorite places for you to experience after your trek.

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Trek With Swathi

What makes Rupin Pass such a grand adventure for trekkers?

Rupin Pass tops the list of Top 10 treks to do in India! But what makes it such a thrilling adventure that keeps trekkers on an adrenaline high? Watch this video to know!

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Product Reviews

Lifestraw Go – A worthy portable water filter for trekkers

Here is a detailed review of the Lifestraw Go water filter. Indiahikes trekkers can avail a 25% discount on the Lifestraw Go! Find the coupon code inside.

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Kashmir treks

We are calling off all our Kashmir treks for 2016

A news update for Kashmir trekkers – We are calling off all the batches to our Kashmir treks for the rest of 2016. Here are the details.

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Blogs about Goechala

This blog on Goechala will blow your mind!

If we had to name a blog that left us speechless, this would be it. The Goechala trek has always been one of our favorite treks, Divas Mishra has put down his experiences so beautifully that it makes us want to do the trek again!

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Expert Opinion

Top 5 winter treks in India that you must do

Winter is coming. And if you’re wondering which trek you should do this winter, this post by Arjun Majumdar will come in handy. He lists out the best treks to do in India in winter!

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The Ultimate Guide

Your ultimate guide to the Kedarkantha Winter Trek

Not many Himalayan treks are accessible in winter. Kedarkantha is a rare exception. Accessible in the months from December to April, here is all you need to know about this winter trek.

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