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Get fit with Akanksha

Tracking your fitness and how it helps you prepare for a trek

Ever wondered how tracking your fitness can help you? Especially while preparing for a trek, keeping a tab on your daily workout can really help you out later on the slopes! Our fitness expert Akanksha tells you how.

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Trek Leaders Speak

“My first failed trek was a game changer” – The making of a Trek Leader

When SJ’s first trek to Goechala failed, he knew he had to come back to it. And how he bounced back! From one of our most loved Trek Leaders, here is an inspiring story about picking yourself up and going after what you want.

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Blogs about Hampta Pass

A Video On Hampta Pass That You Shouldn’t Miss!

In September 2016 Vignesh Shenoy went with Indiahikes on a trek to Hampta Pass. He returned with this mind-blowing video. Check it out here!

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Trek updates

Latest Updates: Unexpected snow at Goechala

Unexpected snow this week on the Goechala trek gave trekkers a very special experience! Read on to know the latest updates from our Himalayan treks!

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Get fit with Akanksha

Fitspiration for a winter morning

Preparing for a trek but finding it hard to let go of your blanket in the morning? Here are expert tips from Akanksha that will have you up and running every morning.

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Blog Contest

August 2016 Blog contest winners are here!

In August 2016, trekkers did the Kashmir Great Lakes trek with Indiahikes during the curfew. Below the Kashmir border, other trekkers found contrasting beauty at Hampta Pass. With their expressive blogs, they have won the Blog Contest of August 2016.

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Photo contests

August 2016 Photo Contest – Results out!

The results of the August 2016 pictures are out! And also, trekkers have chosen their favourite shot for the Trekkers’ Choice Award! Each picture is calendar-worthy! Take a look!

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Blogs about Roopkund

The pictures in this blog about Roopkund say it all!

Garima Jain chose Roopkund as her first Himalayan trek with her husband! She says she will go back a thousand times over to this trek – and her blog shows you why she fell in love with the trail!

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Trek With Swathi

Green Trails: A mission to leave mountains in a better condition

In 2013, Indiahikes took up Green Trails as a mission. In this video, Green Trails crusader Lakshmi Selvakumaran talks about how far we have come and our vision for the future.

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Product Reviews

Forclaz 500 High/Trek 100: Excellent Hiking Shoes for rough Himalayan Terrain

Your hiking shoes can either make or break your trek. So it is important to invest in a good pair! And the Forclaz 500 High could be your next buy! Read this review to know why.

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Green Trails

My Fourth trek to Roopkund: Reflecting on the highs and lows

Back from his fourth trek to Roopkund, Green Trails Intern Nikshep gives an account of the work that is being done on the slopes. He felt awful to see the sorry plight of holy places. But the enthusiasm of local staff and their awareness of green practices gives him hope for the future.

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Get Inspired

What I learnt after battling a Snowstorm on the Everest Base Camp trek

Christopher was invincible when he started his Everest Base Camp trek. But his beliefs took a turn when he saw himself facing a snowstorm. Here’s his story.

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