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Thursday Trek Talk

How Much Snow Can We Expect In Winter 2018 On Our Treks?

An interview with Meteorologist Akshay Deoras gives us a detailed explanation of winter snow in India, where it originates and how much snow we may see this year.

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Green Trails

What Happens To The Wet Wipes You Leave Behind

Be it the cities or the Himalayas – wet wipes are harmful – to you and the planet. Find out why trekkers should not use wet wipes.

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Photo contests

Announcing the results of August 2018 Trek Photographer of the Month Contest

Take a look at the top 10 photographs of August 2018 Trek Photographer of the month contest.

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Hiking Club


How Trekking With Your Child Can Be A Great Bonding Experience

Often, you come across articles about how trekking is beneficial to children. But have you given a thought to what you might experience with them?

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Thursday Trek Talk

True Stories Of Indiahikes Trek Leaders Saving Lives

Indiahikes has always set and raised the standards of safety for trekking in India. Here’s proof from non-Indiahikes trekkers about our safety standards!

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Team Leadership Programme

4 Reasons Why Trekking Is A Great Alternative To A Regular Corporate Team Outing

Want to make the most of your team outing? Read this to find out why trekking is a great alternative to regular corporate team outings.

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Green Trails Updates

Roshni with eco bag

Support Green Trails To Keep The Himalayas Clean

We need some help from you to make trekking in India more sustainable. For nearly 8 years now, Indiahikes has funded the Green Trails project to leave the mountains in a better condition. After all these years, Green Trails has almost turned into an organisation on its own. This is where we need your support. […]

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Thursday Trek Talk

This Is The Least Discussed (But Most Important) Topic In Trekking

There’s an alternative to outbound training at resorts, to classroom lessons and to theory lessons. Here’s what it is.

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Latest Updates

Uttarakhand Treks Reopen For Trekking! Here Are Answers To Questions You May Have

Good news! Most Uttarakhand treks have opened up for trekking again. Here are some news updates of what has been happening after the High Court orders.

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Trek updates

Important Update For Gaumukh-Tapovan Trekkers

Our last two teams of the season returned from Gaumukh unable to cross over the crevasses on the glacier. Tapovan seems inaccessible so far. Here’s a detailed update.

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Get Inspired

Trekking with indiahikes - Rahul Verghese - Running -3

Why Running Is A Good Pre-Trek Workout: A High Altitude Marathon Runner Speaks

We always ask our trekkers to run before a trek. Want to know why? Rahul Verghese, a marathon runner gives you the science behind running and high altitude trekking.

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High-Altitude Research

Annapurna base camp-Indiahikes-Lakshmi Selvakumaran-typical Nepalese meal at a tea house-1

Why Non-Veg Food Is Not Good On A High-Altitude Trek

There’s a reason why we discourage trekkers from having non-veg food on the trek. Read this article to know the science behind the effects of high-altitude on your digestive system.

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