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Why Goechala In Sikkim Is The Most Romantic Trek

Arjun Majumdar writes about the Goecha La trek. He says it’s the most romantic trek in India and explains why.

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5 Tips To Make Carrying Your Trekking Backpack Easy

Many trekkers feel that carrying a backpack is difficult. Well, carrying a backpack is not as difficult as it is made to be. Here are some useful tips to carry yours.

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High-Altitude Research

How Diamox Deals With Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Arjun Majumdar writes on the uses of Diamox to assist acclimatization and prevent high altitude sickness.

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Masartal lake on Mayali Pass trek – A Detailed Account

An interview with Srinivas Sudhindra, a senior software engineer, was conducted and condensed by Sandeep Janardan for Indiahikes. Srinivas did the trek in early September 2006 with two others. Their team consisted of a guide, a cook and three porters along with the three trekkers. And here’s what they found.

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