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By Nisha Ann Reginald


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Pick your favourite photo by liking, commenting, and sharing it on facebook. Photo with the maximum engagement(likes, comments and shares)will be adjuded the winner. Watch this space for the results every saturday.

The nominations for this week are:

Nomination 1: Shepherds take a break; brewing aromatic kashmiri kahwah.

Photo Credit: Ameek

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Nomination 2: “The earth plays music for those who listen.” A shepherd watches his flock in Kashmir’s meadows

Photo Credit: Harish Thangaraj

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Nomination 3: “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

Photo Credit: Raj Rajak

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Nisha Ann Reginald

About the author

Nisha Ann Reginald is a national level basketball player and has been playing for the last 18 years. She was associated with Indiahikes as a content manager, bringing out stories from the mountains.