Kheerganga Buni Buni Pass

The Complete Guide To Kheerganga Buni Buni Pass Trekking in Kheerganga seems to be the first Himalayan experience for many. Everyone is captivated by the swaying pine trees, the bubbling Parvati river, and the shaded trek to the hot springs at Kheerganga. Yet, this is only a precursor to a great trek that lies beyond […]

Triund Trek

Triund Trek Triund Trek is one of the most popular treks to go over a weekend from Delhi and Chandigarh. It is perhaps the easiest Himalayan trek to do on your own. With breathtaking views of the Kangra valley and the snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges, it is also very picturesque.  Triund is the ideal destination for […]

Dhanna Kunnu Pass Trek

A Lovely Forest Trek Above Manali To call Dhanna Kunnu a forest trek might be disingenuous. After all, the trail is above Manali, so there will be mountain views long before the pass, and there will be lovely clearings. You will see the mountains of the Kullu valley, the Pir Panjal range and the Bara […]

Patalsu Peak Trek

The Patalsu Peak trek is the perfect summit trek to attempt as a beginner around Manali. Read the trail information here.

Tirath Trek (source of Tirthan River)

Trek to the source of the Tirthan river through the Great Himalayan National Park which possess some of the most pristine and unique ecosystems in the world.

Jiwa Nala – Parvati Valley Trek

Jiwa Nala – Parvati Valley Trek – A Shining Beacon The Jiwa Nala – Parvati Valley trek is one of the hidden treasures of Himachal Pradesh, located in the Great Himalayan National Park. The 8-day trek is not for the uninitiated, and requires prior experience in high altitude wilderness, the trek takes one through the […]

Kali-Cho Pass

The Kali-Cho Pass trek is a difficult trail. Steep gradient from the base of the Lahesh/Alyas to the top of the Pass from Chamba side. The entire trail from the Lahesh/Alyas to the top is tricky and risky. Must be done with an expert guide because chances of losing the trail are highly likely otherwise. MUST […]

Gwaru Pass

A Well-Kept Secret in Kullu Valley Gwaru Pass is one of those rare treks that has something in store for everyone. This diverse trail is largely unexplored and it’s a well-kept secret of Kullu Valley. No wonder the beauty of this trail still remains unblemished to this day. Mountain-Pass Crossings: This virgin route has remained elusive for years, thus […]

Kugti Pass Trek

Not many trekkers have heard of the Kugti Pass trek and it is not surprising why. It is virtually unexplored – and perhaps that is its beauty – one of the unknown treks of India, yet marked with all the grandness of any great Himalayan trek.If you love trekking, then the Kugti Pass is a […]

Bashal Peak Trek

Bashal Peak trek gives another view of the Himalayas. Its panoramic click and being constantly followed by the Sutlej rivers makes the trek all the more beautiful. You see nature at its very best with the partially snow-capped mountains and the charming green grasslands. In the trek, there are lots of beautiful spots where you can […]

Charang Ghati Trek

Charang Ghati Trek The Charang Ghati trek can prove quite a challenge and requires prior trekking experience. It involves crossing huge boulders and traversing thin pathways which makes retreating difficult. Added to this there are no signs or people anywhere after Charang Village and the thin air makes it difficult to breathe. The most challenging part […]

Siraj Valley Trek

Siraj Valley Trek The Siraj Valley Trek starts at Gada Gussain (Gadagushaini). The road to Gada Gussain branches west from the Banjar-Jalori road in Jibi village. Jibi is a hamlet, 182 km from Shimla. I spent the night at a guest house in Ghyagi. Being a half hour’s walk from Jibi, getting there in the morning was […]