Kodachadri Trek – A complete guide to the peak

Kodachadri Peak Trek Kodachadri is located in Shimoga district and is perhaps one of the most spoken-about trails in Karnataka. The temples of Sri Mookambika at Kollur, some 21 km from Kodachadri, of Adi Shankara and of goddess Mookambika beckon to tourists all year round. Most of these temples are nestled in misty dense forests, […]

Kopatty Coorg Trek

The Kopatty trek – A glorious day hike! The Kopatty trail climbs past landscaped coffee plantations, snakes through deep forests and bursts out to the grassland, to top the summit in a span of 3 hours. On the descent, the trek is a thrilling walk hugging the grassy sides of a precipice. Further on, a rapid […]

Amedikallu Peak

Amedikallu is a combination of two words, “Ame,” which means tortoise in Kannada, and “dikallu,” which means stove in Tulu. The peak of this hill resembles a tortoise, and three stones near it are fashioned like a stove. How to reach the start of the trek: Shishala Board a bus towards Dharmasthala, which is 350 km […]

Bandajje Arabi Falls and Ballalarayana Durga Trek

Bandajje Arabi Falls and Ballalarayana Durga Trek Highlights A challenging weekend trek through dense rain forests, endless grasslands, clear streams and a beautiful waterfall for a reward. Trek Information: Ensure you take breakfast either at Ujire (for Bandajje) or Mudigere or Kottige Haara for Ballalarayana Durga. If you are driving down, ensure you hire a […]

Yettina Bhuja Trek

Yettina Bhuja Trek The hill gets its name from its shape; it resembles an ox’s shoulder/hump. “Yettu,” means ox and “bhuja,” means shoulder in Kannada. The trails run through forests, grasslands, waterfalls and streams. The final ascent is challenging and makes this trek a popular one. The trails can be confusing as thick vegetation covers these unfrequented […]

Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek

The Ranganathaswamy Betta Trail The trail starts from a Maruti temple at Koonala Doddi. From the village, walk towards the temple. Turn right at the temple to climb up the hill. The narrow path is lined with bushes and trees. After a level path of 500 m, the path becomes steeper and the forest, denser. […]

Brahmagiri trek

Monsoon Trek: Brahmagiri Along with the change in season, changes the character and the mood of the Nature. And its always fun to explore nature in all its forms and we usually make it a point to have atleast one trek in every season, be it rain, sunshine or chill zones. Within a week of […]

Narasimha Parvatha

Trek to Narasimha Parvatha through Malandur: Trek duration: 8-9 hours Trek difficulty: Moderate The initial part of the trail is flat and easy, taking you slowly into the deeper part of the forest. The Sita River winds through this path. Many small streams flow around the trail during monsoon. As you march further, the forest […]

Handi Gundi Trek

 Handi Gundi Trek “On all counts, Handi Gundi is the perfect trek for beginners. The trail is easy yet exciting; providing the right dose of challenge and adventure while dishing out stunning views from the top. If you are looking to introduce children to trekking, Handi Gunti is an obvious choice”, says Vishnu Benne, our […]

Tadiandamol trek

Tadiandamol Trek: Tadiandamol trek is one of the most beautiful, though less known, treks in Karnataka. The highest peak in Coorg/Kodagu district Tadiandimol trek takes you to an elevation of 5740 ft. The trail takes you through the vast expanse of the Shola forests, through endless lush green grasslands and streams. It is a day […]

Mullayanagiri Trek – A complete Do-it-yourself guide to the trek

Mullayanagiri Trek Save for a few steep ascents, Mullayanagiri trek is quite a simple one. The trail passes through serpentine forest t with cool breeze and the sound of birds chirping. Once at the Mullayangiri peak, you’ll be awe-struck by the amount of bliss that nature can provide. This trek is a true reprieve for […]

Nishani Motte Trek

Nishani Motte Trek How to get to the base of the trek – Talacauvery Bhagamandala is approximately 284 km from Bangalore via NH 48. It is a small place in Kodagu district (Coorg) in Karnataka, along the banks of River Cauvery. It takes around eight hours to reach Bhagamandala.  For this trek, trekkers need permits from […]