Lonavala Bhimashankar Trek

Highlights Lonavala to Bhimashankar is arguably the best back-country trek in the Sahyadri range. The route passes through deep wild rain-forest, head-high bushes, lost-and-found trails, small rivulets, remote tribal villages, eerie temples, green meadows, hidden waterfalls and a plateau of flowers. You explore the best features of the Sahyadri range on this trek. Green gorges, distant […]

Sudhagad Fort Trek

The Sudhagad Fort Trek is technically a one-day trek, but stretching it to two, with overnight camping at the wada (old village house with a huge open space in the centre) will help you squeeze the best out of the trek. Also, to cover the entire plateau, it takes around 2-3 hours, so it becomes a little […]

Sagargad Trek

Sagargad Trek The Sagargad fort is said to exist since the Satvahan dynasty. In the books it is mentioned in the Treaty of Purander (1655 AD) where Shivaji gave 33 forts to the Moghuls. It is also said that Sagargard Fort was later given to Angre, the naval chief of the Marathas in return for […]

Matheran via One Tree Hill pt.

One Tree Hill Trek General Information: Matheran at 800 m (2,625 ft)is a popular hill station, accessible by road and train. It was discovered by Hugh Malet in 1850 and is around 100 km from Mumbai. Matheran is a protected forest area where only emergency vehicles are allowed inside its limits. Main mode of transport […]

Balwantgad Trek

Never keep a goal incomplete. I was very excited about the Balwantgad trek. Just a week ago, I had completed Kavnai Fort trek. Since we had started at early hours of dawn for Kavnai, I had planned to complete Balwantgad as well the same day. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it.  So Balwantgad got added to my “Treks […]

Bhoot Bangla Trek

About the Bhoot Bangla Trek Bhoot Bangla is the colloquial name of a forest rest house that was built during British rule. The British civil engineer, who was looking over the dam project on the three lakes, built this as a summer retreat. This dilapidated structure stands in ruins, in middle of the forest, looking very much […]

Gorakhgad Trek

Gorakhgad Trek The Gorakhgad Fort is located in the Sahyadri Mountain Range in the Thane District of Maharashtra. It is nearly three hours away from Mumbai City and is one of the tougher treks located near the city of Mumbai.  While very little is known about the history of the Gorakhgad Fort, what we do […]

Brahma Valley

Brahma Valley Trimbakeshwar attracts devotees and adventure enthusiasts alike. Devotees gather here as this is a pilgrim place . Trimbakeshwar is one of the ‘Jyotirlingas’ out of twelve ‘Jyotirlingas’ . Apart from this there are  numerous temples in this town like Trimbakeshwar temple,Saint Nrivruttinath temple, Swami Samarth Kendra, Gangadwar temple – the source of river Godavari, cave temples, […]

Torna Fort Trek

A Complete Guide To Torna Fort Trek Torna Fort is the highest hill-fort in the Pune District. Situated at an altitude of 4,603 ft from sea level, it stands out among other forts in the western ghats of Maharashtra.  Because of the massive size of the fort, it is also called Prachandagad. This name is […]

Plus Valley Trek

Plus Valley Trek: General Information Plus Valley is accessible from Mumbai as well as from Pune. There are several Ghats that connect the Mumbai-Goa highway (NH7) and Mumbai-Bangalore highway (NH4). One such route is through the Tamhini Ghat, which is adorned with waterfalls. It is a little slice of heaven during monsoons and is frequented […]

Visapur Fort Trek

Easy, monsoon trek situated close the the Mumbai-Pune expressway, Visapur fort has a 400 year old history.

Ahupe Ghat Trek

Ahupe Ghat Trek The view from the Ahupe Plateau must be one of the most enchanting and mesmerizing experience. Lush Greenery with deep valley and waterfalls all around. The magical beauty of Twin Mountains of Machindergad and Gorakhgad can steel your heart. If you are there at the top during early hours of the day […]