Nag Thatch Trek

If you are looking for a trek in the Himalayas that people of all age groups can easily do, the Nag Thatch trek is for you.

Kipling Trail Trek

A Complete Guide To Kipling Trail Trek Once the main route from Dehradun to Mussoorie, Kipling trail is now an exciting trek far removed from the traffic and overcrowding that marks the new Mussoorie road. This is a 9 km trail starting from the Shahanshahi Ashram and going all the way to Mussoorie through Jharipani […]

Madmaheshwar Trek

With Trail Information, Itinerary, GPX, Map and Photos, this is the only guide you will ever need to plan your trek to Madmaheshwar.

Chenap Bugyal Trek

A Lesser Known, Lush Trail in Uttarakhand Picture this. A campsite where every inch of it is filled with 3-4ft flowers and wild grass. In front of you is Hathi Parbat, Nanda Devi, Trishul I, Nanda Ghunti – all in one frame. Butterflies and colourful insects flit around you, as you soak this view in. […]

Kugina Pass Trek

Kugina Pass is a day excursion out of Lohajung that winds through lovely oak filled forests and ends with a stunning view of 15 peaks. Read trail information here.

Maldaru Trek

The Maldaru lake is revered as a deity by people from river valleys of Tons and Supin. While the lake is known for it’s beauty and divinity, the trail to the lake is just as rewarding. Ancient villages, forests, alpine settings – you experience it all. Read trail information about the trek here.

Auden’s Col

Maps, Pictures, Downloadable GPX trail and complete trail information- The only guide you’ll ever need to know anything about Auden’s Col!

Bagji Bugyal Trek

Bagji Bugyal – The meadow of tigers A trek to the Himalayas is incomplete without its share of local stories and legends. And Bagji Bugyal has one of its own. The local villagers talk about a time, 60-70 years ago, when tigers (Bagh in the local language) used to freely roam along the meadows. Tribal […]

Ajan Top

Ajan Top is an easy day trek from Lohajung. A great acclimatisation walk if you have an extra day before your Roopkund or Brahmatal trek.

Panch Kedar Trek

The Panch Kedar trek is a collection of five beautiful treks that take you on pilgrims’s trails to ancient temples believed to have been built by the Pandavas.

Bansi Narayan Trek

Bansi Narayan trek, in the heart of Garhwal, not only gives you superb views of mountain such as Mt Trishul, Mt Nanda Devi and Nanda Ghunti, this is also a region rich in flora, fauna and mythology.

Kasar Devi – Binsar Trek

The Kasar Devi-Binsar trail is a perfect weekend trek for beginners, offering 270 degree Himalayan views and trails through dense forests.