Buxa Fort Trek

Buxa Fort Trek: Trek along the borderline of India and Bhutan Buxa is a forest near the borderline between West Bengal and Bhutan. It has an array of trees, hills and rivers. Contrary to its name, it is known to be home to more elephants than tigers. If you want to experience a typical jungle […]

Chatakpur – Tiger Hill Trek

Chatakpur Tiger Hill Trek takes you on an enchanting jungle trail from the lonely village trails of Chatakpur takes you through enchanting glades of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, all the way to Tiger Hill. An overnight camp at Chatakpur makes this an unbeatable weekend trek around Darjeeling. To add to that, the views from the watchtower […]

Ayodhya Hills Trek

Ayodhya Hills Trek is a weekend trek to the mystical hills of Ayodhya. Once considered a hot spot for rock climbers, it has now become popular among trekkers and travelers alike. The unique rugged characteristics of the mountains blend beautifully with the canopy of greenery that Purulia is famous for. These jungle trails are fantastic for people […]

Biharinath Hill Trek

Biharinath Hill Trek An underrated hidden gem, Biharinath Hill makes for a wonderful short hike through dense forest in West Bengal.  Lying in the sub-Himalayan region of West Bengal, it is a natural attraction for trekkers & rock climbers. A peaceful getaway in the Eastern Ghats, Biharinath is a tourist spot unknown to most. Known […]