Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

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There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“In retrospect, I simply loved it! When I was there though it was a little too hard. To make a long story short, I had some kind of indigestion / gastritis two days before the summit climb, I kept getting burps, climbing up was getting harder, I informed the trek leader and all he said was ok! I could barely finish the walk to the last camp site (Bagwa Basa, I think). I thought this is it, I wont be able to do the summit climb. When I told the trek leader, he said it was my bad that I had too much tea, soup and fried stuff! Now, maybe I did, I have no idea! But this is the food served at the camp sites, I did not eat anything at any Dhaba. I wish he had mentioned this earlier and not so mockingly! I was feeling really low. Now.

Enter Karthik!!!!! He was literally an angel! He simply waved off all my doubts, said this is very common at these altitudes, said he’d give me a tablet and I should be perfectly fine, and I was! I don’t know if the tablet even did anything, but I could not have done the summit without him! He was truly motivating! and I cannot thank him enough! :)” – Kalpana, batch of May 2017 

“Awesome , most memorable experience of my life. Special thanks to our trekk leader Mahi bhai for making the experience all the more special. Last day of leg was full on alpine style where we trekked on snow. The beauty was mesmerising, hardly our camera could capture what we have seen and experienced.” – Amritashu, batch of June 2017 

“Excellent stuff Focus on safety and health Mahi is a great trek leader Pre and post trek communication Focus on preparation overall professionalism What can you improve Size of tent at camps Camps can provide washable lunch utensils, trekker need not carry Better preparation for weather conditions like rain Briefing could include tips and tricks (example what to do when you slip on snow during ascent)” – Madan R, batch of June 2017 

“Buran Ghati is a trek like no other. The entire journey is beautiful.The excitement to rappel down a snow wall at 15000 feet is a wow factor in itself , topped with the glissade . The Chandranahan lake is leaves you awestruck. I’m gratedul to the Indiahikes team right from the trek leader, guides, technical team , kitchen staff, ground coordinator and every person involved for making it possible. My suggestions are: 1.provide hot water at the higher camp site where the water freezes for the night which we can keep in the sleeping bags and use it in morning. 2.Indiahikes shirt to be full sleeve”– Sailee Shah, batch of June 2017 

“Professional stern trek leader who give clear statement/instruction of what to do, what to expect, what to observe, what to obey…Yet he can play as a active boyish team member on the trek, moving frequently from front to back and vice versa, communicating with (cum observing) everyone.

Patience sweeper never leave anyone behind. “Easy madam”… “Slow madam”… “My hand, madam”… Though fallen behind the group, his soft spoken voice does not make me feel like I am left out, but instead more comfortable and confident to move on.

Nevertheless, the kitchen chef and staffs are important people who cook fantastic meals to give us energy everyday. Though we seldom talk, but when they serve and see us enjoy the meal, their faces will lit with happiness… their smile make me feel obligated to finish my food, no wastage and stay eco friendly Special thanks to Sandeep (passionate trek leader) and greatly appreciation to Akshay (patience sweeper). Without them, Buran Ghati pass will be just a dream.” – Te Siow Phing, batch of June 2017 

“It was supposed to be a long trek and I was worried in the beginning that I might get bored on the way if the trails get monotonous. I had previously trekked twice in the Himalayas and had my reservations about few things. I was told IndiaHikes was different but I wasn’t expecting much, just to avoid disappointment. But did I get disappointed? Absolutely NOT.

For the first time in my trekking experience, there was someone who was actually caring about the trekkers and educating them with the DOs and DONTs. The organisers actually bothered to suggest ways to prepare for the trek. That got me excited about the trek. When we finally reached the base camp, the trek leader, Indrajit gave out detailed (yet not boring) instructions for the trek. Simple things like how to wear your bag and important things like staying hydrated while on the trail.

My first day on the trek was hard. I had overworked myself the previous week and was exhausted from the road trip to Dhaula. Jit found this out before I did, when we took our first break. He instructed me to breathe right and I felt refreshed in a minute. I continued to follow his instructions for the rest of the trek that day and I made it to the Sewa campsite without any problems. We were given the right amount of rest that day and an acclimatization walk later I felt I was rested right. Upto this point, we were a group of several small groups.

The games that followed that day changed everything. Jit played 2 simple games with us and suddenly we knew the names of everyone in the group and we had interacted with most of the group without any explicit push from anyone. I LOVED this trick. The rest of the trek was a spectrum of climates possible. We had extreme heat on one day and heavy rains on one. We even got to see snowfall. My first one. I abhor cold and rains during trek. But on this one, our trek leader ensured our spirits were high and we were never blue. We were all drenched on the day we reached the Udakanal campsite.

I was worried about a hundred different things going wrong. Once again our trek leader Jit found a way to make things more fun. We were all soaked and crowding in the dining tent and this guy just starts a game. Thus in no time we were all warm and smiling. The entire support staff ensured we were well fed, rested and in high spirits during the trek. They would go out of their way to help us. It was not like they were following instructions. They were helping us wholeheartedly. From constantly checking on us and motivating to move ahead in one group to playing silly games and chatting with us like they were our trek buddies.

This trek has been the best one for me and the credit for this goes to our trek leader and the support staff. The team was not just technically competent. They showed outstanding people management skills. Never ever, during the entire trek did they have to order things at us. They made us understand the need to follow the instructions and we followed suit. That indeed is a stunning feat. Please convey my sincere thanks and warm regards to the team. No matter what I say, it will never be enough to convey the satisfaction of having done this trek under their guidance and support. I am a fan for life.” – Pratima Dongre, batch of June 2017