Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“1. The trek was satisfactory maintaining all standards of food, accommodation and trek leader.
2. Though it was misty initially, himalayas are always fascinating and trekkers as well as trek leader made the journey smooth
3. As a trek leader Geet has really done a great job as he was informative, helpful and caring throughout the trek. He has carefully taken decision in case of health emergency.
4. The view of Kanchendzonga and Everest made the trek memorable at Sandakhpu” – Saniya Kirloskar, Batch of Dec 2016

“It was a wonderful experience. Special thanks to trek leader Geet for his immense focus and support.” – Harshit Trivedi, Batch of Dec 2016

“Though I could not complete the trek due to AMS, I loved every bit of it. IH guys including Geet, DB, Subhas were very responsible and friendly. Night locations and food were awesome.” – Sumit Kumar Biswas, Batch of Dec 2016

“I loved this trek from the moment my partner Arvind Kumar discovered and shared the site with me. The informational videos by Swathi Chatrapathi were really helpful. We learned about what to bring, how to pack, toilet facilities, how to stay warm, preventing and managing acute mountain sickness (AMS), and how to keep the trails free of litter, and protect the environment. Also, there are so many options of treks, that even browsing each one of them beautifully documented by IndiaHikes was a very enjoyable armchair traveling experience. We decided to do the Sandakphu trek.
The ground coordinator Sandeep Verma helped all the participants get acquainted by initiating a WhatsApp group (great idea!) so that even before we met at the base camp we felt like we knew each other. Meeting a group of interesting people who share a love for the mountains, adventure, nature, and photography was another highlight for me. Everyone was fun-loving, caring, and helpful both on the trail and at the campsites. We quickly developed a wonderful camaraderie.
The trek leaders were very much instrumental in developing this camaraderie by helping us introduce each other and participate in group activities and campsite games and conversation. Dushyant Sharma is a great leader. He inspired confidence, communicated clearly, and routinely checked up on everyone’s well being. The assistant leader Geet has a great sense of humor, and was very proficient in monitoring everyone’s BP and other vital signs. We also met Indrajit Hazra who had led the previous group. What I found in common between all the leaders was their passion for their work. Each had an inspiring story about how they embarked on a career in trekking and mountaineering.
I learned a lot of little things from our leaders: how to wear layers, why to keep the poncho accessible, how to step when climbing uphill, using your heels when descending, using the hiking poles to your advantage (and not poking others with them), pitching tents, and keeping the trails clean.
I was reassured by the emphasis IndiaHikes places on safety. Starting with very informative videos on and then the leader Dushyant reviewing the signs and symptoms of AMS at the base camp, we were made aware of the precautions to take. Every day the leaders monitored our BP, pulse, oxygen saturation, and any symptoms. So we had a good sense of how we were acclimatizing.
The treks are very affordable. They are not meant to be a luxury holiday. The arrangements are spartan, and that’s part of the experience. At the outset, I had many concerns about comfort, warmth, not being able to take a shower for many days, toilet facilities, and water. To my relief the mountain water was clean and safe, and the food was simple, vegetarian, and mostly organically grown, and hot. I was also rather pleased with my ability of adjust quickly to the lack of creature comforts, and go with the flow, because this opens so many opportunities for me in the future to experience nature up close in a similar trek again.
– Ashok Jethanandani, Batch of Nov 2016

I loved the trek. We got very good views of the Sleeping Buddha. Camping at the Sandakphu and Sabargram campsites was an awesome experience – Aditya Ramesh, Batch of March 2017

“Although we where not lucky with the weather at the top, I really liked the trek. I think the guides really did a great job in assisting us during the trek and taking care. This felt really good. Only trekking in such big group requires a lot of patience from me I realized. well organized from moment of signing in till going home” – Mieke Terlouw, Batch of November, 2016