Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 15,000 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“Happy tears, I was all left with leaving the place. I wish I could have stayed forever with those beautiful souls – India Hikes staff and fellow trekkers. Every little thing is taken care of from food, health, accommodation to all the fun while trekking. Trek leader Imroz, the super fun guy with all the knowledge for guidance, and our guide Manoj being immensely patient and caring with us when I was always slow of all. With all my heart I know, whenever mountains call me I want to go through you guys only. Thank you for uncountable memories you gave without any hassle.”

– Isha Chauraisa, batch of July 2017 

“Very well, throughly enjoyed the valley of flowers trail. Although I do wish that the hemkund sahib trail was also a little more organic in its form – would have made it more fun.” – Heta Davey, batch of July 2017 

“Calling it as just a trek will not summarize the complete experience. It is more than a trek. It is about proving yourself that you can do it even though your body has given up,It is about meeting new people from different walks of life, it is about creating memories and somewhere making a positive difference to your life.

India hikes constantly thrived to make the experience as beautiful as possible. They were honest from day 1 on what to expect. The trek leaders were not just doing their job,they were making sure that each and everyone is having the best experience possible. They have taken care of all of us like family. It was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life.” – Pragya Das, batch of July 2017 

“When I signed up for the trek, I wasn’t sure if I could really complete or perform the trek. But Indiahikes right from the registration, supplied me with ample information on how to prepare for the trek. As for the trek itself, it will definitely be a highlight of my life, it gave me the belief that I can do more than I believe in. The trek leader Jit was awesome all around, constantly enquiring if I am alright, to telling the correct techniques which made life much easier.

The person who I will most remember is our guide Suri, simply said I couldn’t have completed the trek without him. He supported me throughout. Another point which I noticed is how well managed and well arranged the whole trek was. Wether you go with a group, or decide to go solo, you become a part of the trek team and ease in very easily. When going for the trek I was thinking this might be my first and last trek, but now I feel I will again be visiting the Himalayas and I will do that with Indiahikes.” – Debojit Bhowmick, batch of July 2017 

“It was a good trek. The guides were fantastic and put in a lot of effort and showed great patience with some slow trekkers to help them complete their trek. At times it annoyed few trekkers who had prepared well for the trek but were asked to stop or slow down to stay in a group. Since there were 3 guides, probably the groups could be allowed to break into 3 – fast , medium and slow, to let the faster ones enjoy more time in the destination rather than the route. Otherwise it was absolutely fine.” – Gourab, batch of July 2017 

“Trek Leader – Loved our trek leader’s positive energy and amazing sense of humor. This being a first extensive trekking experience, he taught us a lot and pushed us at the right places. This trek could have been more systematic with time schedule, etc. e.g. we should have kept a strict 10 min window for health check-up, etc. so that people adhere to the time.

Trek Guide and Sweeper – Amazing folks, the trek wouldn’t have been possible without them. Stay – Camping experience would have been a better experience versus the lodge experience; however, we do understand the limitations. T

rek Route – Mules and crowd created a nuisance, but we do understand that it is a commercial trek due to religious reasons.

Food – Had heard a lot about IndiaHikes food in camping treks; however, considering we were staying in a lodge, our expectation was much more. Despite this, we are thankful to the food team for feeding us day in and day out and helping us complete the trek.” – Nishi Dixit, batch of July 2017