Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“Rupin Pass without a doubt is one of the most beautiful and mesmerising trek. This was my first trek and the experience is unforgettable. Each time I moved forward, I found myself in a completely deviated space.

Apart from the trek experiences, Indiahikes has done a real good job in taking care of us. Our TL Geet, ATL Abhisehk, Local Guide Jai Ram and Manoj, all of these people were extremely helpful, friendly and awesome in their own way.

And how can I forget the hot food that was served every day with out a minute delay. I would really like to THANK Indiahikes team for making this trek unforgettable for all of us. Hope to do more and more treks with Indiahikes.”

– Rimpy Batra, batch of May 2017 


“Great Trek Wonderful arrangement ( Fix camps were Fantastic ) The Food wow ( Fantastic Kitchen Staff at every camp )

The Staff-Good Trek Leader (Prahlad Pawar ) Guide ( Lal Singh ) Sweeper ( Mansa Ram ) & the Technical staff thanks INDIA HIKES.

Overall Wonder full Trek THE RUPIN PASS.The assend,dessend,& the Slide from the top What an arrangement from off course INDIA HIKES. I did 2nd time the same Trek once in October & May.”

– Zaya Ahmed Khan , batch of May 2017 


“To start with, the Rupin pass trek offers a dynamic change in landscape over nine days. Each frame is simply stunning. I personally feel that nature has the power to fill the deepest void in a heart. The last two days of Rupin, on the other hand, taught me that if you don’t respect nature, it has the raw power to destroy.

My personal favourite from the trek were the villages, the local people and conversations with them. If I were to go back to Rupin, I would go for that part. Coming to Indiahikes, our trek leader Devang and team mates Jairam and Manoj, I really don’t know where to start the praises from. I’ll start with my favourite out of them, Jairam. I had conversation with him that I will remember for a long time. He is so jovial and energetic that he lifted the spirit of the group when everyone was tired. He is there to help you for the smallest thing. He knows so much about the mountains, the life there and animals that he is like a legitimate tour guide.

Manoj, is like a silent but a strong pillar for the team. Patient beyond measure, approachable and very dependable. They are both living examples of what sincerity and dedication to “work” means. Devang is probably the best trek leader. I say this because he held our group together like a family. While he ensured that we all were good in health and started each day dot on time, he made our evenings full of games and fun.

The food that Indiahikes team made for us, each and every meal, was fantastic. It was yummy and wholistic. Kudos to the entire team!” –  Tanaya, batch of May 2017 

“Trek was Excellent.!! This was my first trek. And I got know that without any preparation trekking is difficult. I enjoyed a lot and successfully completed my first trek. Food, tents and facilities were above our expectation.”

– Ameer Hussain B, batch of May 2017 

“Everyone from the trek leader Karthik to the kitchen staff at all higher camps was absolutely amazing. We’re so content with all the facilities and methods that we’ve already planned our next trek. The philosophies of indiahikes and the philosophers are all very endearing. It has been a learning experience and will be fondly remembered for the longest of times. Thank you for all the love that indiahikes has given throughout Roopkund.”

– Gneya Trivedi, batch of May 2017 

“It went quite good. Awesome experience. Very helpful Trek leaders and guides. Patient and encouraging.”

– Ashish Nanabhai, batch of May 2017