Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“Summit day of the trek made it my day of the trek. 1st time snow experience and longest day of the trek made it the most of the trek.Made friends from varied culture and age. very supportive support staff and amazing food throughout the trek made it like a jungle home.

Few suggestions as well Try to create a culture of fun and safety together in a balance, not just safety(may be 80% priority for safety). Fun I mean not just playing games and interacting with other trekkers. At times we need to freak-out out of our usual boundary and make a day out of it but within certain limits.Just following certain rules book from the top, isn’t going to help.” – Manikandan, batch of June 2017 

“If i have to describe the trek in one word i would say Awesome. Was very lucky to have experienced sunshine, rainfall and snowfall in a single trek.our trek lead Prahlad was such a motivator who made the trek look so easy. I never expected to make 19 friends which he made it possible through his team building activities and games. We were also able to acclimatise well cos of it.

Jairam was a such a fun person to be with.. He was full of life and his talking made us trek the mountains with ease. Without him few of us wouldn’t have completed the trek. He was a support system for most of us. And our sweeper jagadish did his best in pushing the team to be together and not to be left behind. Ever day we finished our treat well with in the expected time and he one of the reasons for it.

Our technical guides were very helpful in make way for us thru the pass.. Last but not the least and the best part, was the food. Amazing as usual. Hats of to all the cooks who prepared delicious food for us at that altitude. Overall it was a wonderful journey of 10 to 12 days.. Home away from home.! Only change i would request is provide water for toilets.! Atleast where we hav water resources easily available. Not everyone can get used to dry toilet concept..”

– Kavitha Raj, batch of June 2017 

“It went very well… I enjoyed the nature. Trek leads are very good in motivating trekkers (prahalad, jayram, jagdesh) Thanks” – Raghavendra Nagesh, batch of June 2017 

“Rupin Pass was truly a beautiful trek. The stunning views, exquisite campsite locations and the thrilling climb to the Rupin Pass summit make this trek a perfect combination of adventure and beauty. A great group of trekkers, trek leader, guides, cooks(who served delicious food with very limited resources) and technical experts made it even better! Hats off to Indiahikes! I would like to specially thank our trek leader(Jude) and guide(Santosh) for helping us out at every point and making us feel safe and comfortable throughout the trek.”

– Hrishikesh Ketkar, batch of June 2017 

“Amazing Trek. Great trek leader and knowledgeable assistant trek leader. The food was outstanding. One cannot even dream of such food at these heights. I had the one of best times on this trek.” 

– Parth Shanghvi, batch of June 2017 

“doing this trek a second time. enjoyed it, and did not find it as hard as it was made out to be !!! had a great trek leader Inderjit, and a great group. suggestions: to help in the proper intake of water, so necessary, pls arrange for ordinary tepid water, with morning tea. trying to drink COLD water on a warm empty stomach is asking for trouble. all camps have sufficient fuel (excepting Up WFall) which relies on gas). secondly: the welcome drink at UpWF can be a hot mug of tea, and not a cold Nimbu pani after a cold climb. this has already been discussed with the leader on the final day.” – austin d’rozario, batch of June 2017