Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“Kedarkantha being my first trek, everything went on so smooth, effortlessly gracious and tactful in social manner, posing no difficulty at all. For this particular winter trek, the campsites were amazing and fairly organized. I made few good friends during the course. The food was unexpectedly delicious and not to forget to mention, the trek leaders were so helpful and friendly. They ensured that there was no chance to face any problem in the entire trekking. The fact that there is regular health checkup to monitor the fitness status of the trekkers and was tracked on the Health Card which is so thoughtful of Indiahikes. Hence there was no room for any health issues at all, because the Trek leaders were so vigilant on the minutest details during the entire trail.” – Shradha Rungta, Batch of Dec 26th, 2016

“Simply Awesome!. The Kedarkantha trek was organized and executed in a much planned manner. Even the minutest, of the details were taken care by our trek leader Abhirup Paul. He stood a symbol of motivation to all trekkers, especially to those who were slow and everyone was able to safely complete the trek. He showed great hospitality to all the trekkers in the group and also led the group like a true leader. The back end staffs to mention – the cooks, guides and coordination team namely – Anuja/ Rashmi) also contributed greatly for our accomplishment with their strenuous and scrupulous attitude. A delicious cake was baked for couple of trek-mates on account of their birthday celebration at such high altitude. This effort and thought was so special to the ones.

This was my first trek with Indiahikes and for the love and care shown visibly by the team, I would definitely love to do more treks with Indiahikes. It was almost perfect. Can’t think of any flaw with Indiahikes plan at all.

They prioritize safety measures and I believe that with Indiahikes the purpose of trek is not just trekking but to leave the trail green and clean and to develop the livelihood of people staying along the trails. I’m greatly impressed with the vision of Indiahikes.” –  Sunnith Veerla, Batch of Dec 25th, 2016

“Kedarkantha -What a brilliant trek it was! The trek had so much to offer for the trekkers. The stroll through the pine forests, and then some patches of meadows, some steep ascent to the summit through snow covers, all in all breathtaking trek trails especially on the day of summit.

All the campsites were located at such beautiful spots, Juda  Ka Talab had a beautiful backdrop of pine forest, a frozen lake and snow capped fields around was a WOW! Day of summit was great fun! Thanks to Indiahikes for their efforts and their brilliant staff (Shravan, Santhosh, Deepak and others). The trek was a fun and memorable episode to end 2016. And it was a great effort to leave the trail in a better condition as part of the Green Trail initiative. Indiahikes is by far a better organization than the one which I had gone earlier with. Indiahikes conducts better, safe and responsible treks at an equal price as others – but worth it.” – SUJAY S, Batch of Dec 26th, 2016

“To enumerate the entire Kedarkantha Trek experience-it was amazing!. I really appreciate the Indiahikes Trek leading team namely, Shravan, Santosh and Roopmohan. I think they were an integral part of our wonderful experience. My first brush with Garhwali people and they were absolutely warm, homely and gracious.

Their efforts to even serve food for us firstly and eat later themselves is truly appreciable. I’m definitely looking forward to trek Har ki dun with Indiahikes team and meet these wonderful folks again. There was enough freedom for adults and entertainment in store for children. Lovely trek with Indiahikes. Almost clean in all respects.” –  Aarti Bhonsle, Batch of Dec 26th, 2016

“Wow! It was an Exhilarating experience to cherish for the whole life. As a first time high altitude trekker, I was quite skeptical about few things that may happen whilst trekking. However all that thoughts were put to rest when I successfully completed Kedarkantha trek.

The ‘Health card strategy’ invented by Indiahikes to track blood, oxygen and pulse is an Incredible Initiative. And the constant emails to overlook on our fitness left nothing unplanned. You guys ( Indiahikes team) leave nothing to chance. The meticulous planning involved in every stage, made the entire trek look very organized.

Especially the quality of food that was served to the trekkers in the high altitude environment was phenomenal and superfluous considering the conditions.

The Eco bag initiative as part of Green Trail initative by Indiahikes is worth appreciating. It indeed compelled me to ensure all the waste materials made way directly to the Eco bag rather than littering the environment. Let’s keep going with this practice. A small step could go a long way to perpetuate the beauty of our Himalayas.

Also on the summit day we had a technical leader around, who was very sound in mountaineering and kept up the morale of the group. I would definitely recommend an experience with indiahikes to all.” – Bhavish, Batch of Dec 26th, 2016

“To just say in one word ‘fabulous’. The wholesome Kedarkantha trek went on very well from the organizing point of view. Indiahikes had the best campsites, best guides and best preparation requisites and alertness to trek on the mountain. The guides ensured that all of us summit together and were very inspiring to everyone throughout the journey.

The Eco Bags is indeed a great introduction. The trail was already super clean. And if we continue this way with Indiahikes on their great Green Trail initiative, the mountains would remain clean forever retaining the beauty of nature – The Mother Earth. Have just one trek experience with Indiahikes. But it was the best experience I must say. Indiahikes team are well aware on what they are doing and have the positive mentality. Trekking with Indiahikes is very safe and reliable is what I inferred.” – Arnab Chatterjee, Batch of Dec 26th, 2016