Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 15,000 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“Overall the trek was a great experience. It was more than what i had expected. To start with we had a great batch. It was a good mix of young n elderly people. And hats off to out trek leader Shivam, he managed everyone of them with great expertise. He made sure each and everyone of us reach the summit and was very informative and helpful throughout the trip. He made sure we have a great trip. And a special mention of our trek guides. They did a great job to push us and motivate us throughout the trek. And the best part was the food. They served was delicious food even at our camp sites something that i really didnt expect.

Now about the trek, it was a good mixture of forests, meadows and beautiful mountains. One of the best part was the clear sky, staying in cities we dont get to see so many stars, it just took my breath away the first night when i saw it, infact we were also able to see a band of the Milkyway and it was gorgeous and manage to catch a few shooting stars as well. The best part of the trek was the last day when we had to reach the summit. Walking through the moon light in the beautifully star lit sky with the glowing mountain peaks was a site to behold. And the cherry on the cake was the view from chandrashila. The sun rising from between the mountains was the most amazing thing i have seen till date. The sun rays falling on the different peaks and they glowing is a wonderful site to see. In all was a wonderful experience for me. Have made a lot of great memories.” – Bharati Parmar, batch of October 2017

“It was amazing! Ankur, umesh bhai and Ankit were awesome leaders/guides. The group was cohesive and fun. Food was superb, tents were comfy and well kept, equipment was good quality, toilets were clean. A very well organised and executed trek! Thank you India hikes for making my first high altitude trek amazing!!!”

– Dhanwanti Rajwade, batch of October 2017 

“I loved the trek and the trek leader I think did a great job in filling up the gap in between deorital and Sari camp sites, since we were told that the forest did not give permissions to you guys to put up the camps. But the trek leader did a wonderful stretch on the second day itself and the following days we rested well for the summit climb. I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the trek and otherwise too. We played a lot of games while at the site and an amazing staff group support for food and things as we needed. We really loved the food for the height we were at. And multiple in between meals such as soup break and clear tea breaks really made our mountain stay enjoyable.”

– Yogita, batch of October 2017 

“It was a fantastic experience. 1. Great staff 2. Super crowd 3. Good food!”

– Dnyanesh Lad, batch of October 2017 

“The trek was awesome, especially being the first trek I went to. Right from the superb team who constantly motivated us and took care of us, to the choice of campsite, the services, it was all very well thought of and coordinated. I am very happy with the quality of food that was served, considering the high altitude. It was one of the things I was worried about initially. Happy tummy, happy trekker! No complaints!

The team was considerate to have each and every trekker be comfortable. A special thanks to the trek leader for being really committed to having us make the most of the six days we were trekking. I enjoyed every moment of the trek. I am in love with the mountains and looking forward to the next trek! Thank you for all the love and keep up the awesome work!”

 Shreesha Arondekar, batch of October 2017

“My trek just went amazing. This was my first trek and I had a lot of apprehensions but half my apprehensions were gone the moment I met the amazing people with whom I am going to trek with. And the rest vaporised when I met our trek leader Ankur. He knew what he was doing, he planned everything well and took us till the summit, keeping us all on track and in excellent health condition. The fellow trekkers became friends whom I am going to cherish for life, with whom I have spend hours stargazing the beautiful night sky at chopta.

We have shared our meals, stories, music, our dreams and aspirations over the 6 days during the trek. I had read all over the internet about the amazing food indiahikes provide, after experiencing it I can truly say the best hot food one will get in the mountains and that too served with a smile. The staff would always say “Aapke liye hi toh banaya hai jitna chahiye utna lijiye” First experiences change you for life and this experience makes me want to go back to himalayas again and again.”

– Ritika Aggarwal, batch of October 2017