Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“The trek was awesome. Being my first himalayan trek, I was out of words, after seeing the huge mountains. One of the best moments in the trek was eating the packed snacks in front of the huge mountains in the meadows. The support staff in the camps and the people accompanying us for the trek were incredible. They are an inspiration for us as to how any job or task can be done regardless of the conditions around you. – The trek was very well organized and the trek leader and assistant trek leader knew exactly how to handle any situation – The food was one of the best I have ever tasted.” – Ram Kumar K R, batch of May 2017

“Initially my participation in the trek was kept on hold by India Hikes, saying your BMI is on higher side and you need to furnish proves of your preparation for trek. I, then sent screen shots of my 6-7 km morning walk from my Run keeper app, discussed the same on phone with India Hikes officials and got confirmation of my participation. Perhaps this was the reward of my determination that at the completion of the trek I was awarded Trek Leader’s “Spirit of Trekking Award” among 21 successful trekkers. 14 of them were less than half of my age. Heartiest Thanks to my dynamic and extremely energetic trek leader dear IMROZE. It was my first ever national trek on Himalayas and I enjoyed and loved it a lot with India Hikes. Thanks India Hikes and our trek leader Imroze for giving me all support, guidance and facilities to successfully complete my first ever excellent “Roopkund” trek.”

– Shirish Dubey, batch of May 2017 

“It was awesome. The guides, trek leader, green trails interns everybody were extremely friendly and down to earth. The food and hospitality too were way above the expectations. Overall an excellent experience and would definitely try another trek with Indiahikes.” – Milind S Siddhanti, batch of May 2017 

“Here is the thing.. every time you go somewhere as phenomenal at Roopkund you leave a little part of your heart there, forever. You would want to go back. The feelings are so overwhelmingly satisfying and pure that you would remain connected to that place for rest of your life. I cried at the summit, not because of pain no.. because there was no pain, no suffering.. only pure unending bliss. The journey was so fulfilling yet incomplete because I wasn’t able to stay there or may be I did just not physically.


My memories, emotions I had left a tint of it there at the Roopkund in the hope that other trekkers will find it in air, in snow, in the little falling droplets of water and in the white cloud and cherish it the way I did, put a little icing of their own feelings over mine and leave a tint of that too to be found by others. I met happy and honest people, nurturing impartial nature there and believe me if I say you would keep on searching for words to describe your innermost deepest thoughts about the place but you would not find any.. you know why?! Because emotions exists without language and when you realize that one personal ‘not so containable’ emotion which leaves you speechless, you will know what I am talking about.


This emotion changes us from inside in ways we cannot imagine, we cannot tell but feel in the deepest and silentest corners of our hearts, soul comes alive and life once again starts to become worthy of being lived. Thank you India Hikes and every one who did their part in making this journey an unforgettable life time memory for me. Thank you so much. :)” – Anurag, batch of May 2017 

“Overall trek experience is amazing. I really enjoyed the trek specially the views at Bhagwabhasa and Roopkund were awesome.I want to thank, our trek leader Vikas sir and our guide Bhaghat chacha for continuous support and motivation thorough out the journey. I really loved the tents and sleeping bags provided by team.”

– Yogesh Shejwalkar, batch of May 2017 

“The trek is full of masti and fun. The Trek leader (Mr. mahi) always guided the whole team as a friend. I like the medical precautions (mandatory fro all) taken by Indiahike most which keep you safe and fit for completing the summit successfully. Besides this, the food is awesome from base camp Lohajung to bhagwa wasa (Last camp site for Roopkund in snow). I thanks all Indiahike team for organising the treks in such safe and professional manner so that any new comer can also do it very easily.

The trek leader (especially Mr. mahi, Mr. Himanshu, Green trail intern) are very friendly, cool but strict for personal safety and environment cleanliness. The Green trail is also a good initiative by Indiahike. The days spent with all are very memorable and full of fun. In this trek, i am alone on first day but later i have 19 new friends that the spirit to enjoy the trekking and made the life more happier. In the last, i want to say that i will continue my trek journey next year also with Indiahike only safely.”

– Surya Shakti Singh, batch of May 2017