Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“In fact I never planned a long trek but my niece Radhika insisted me to accompany her.It was difficult for me to get accustomed to new life style on the very first day of the trek. I was little bit satisfied with when our trek leader Mr Geet interacted with the group. As we moved on the trek,every one of us was familiar with each other because of Mr Geet who made us to play such games in which all members were involved. Support staff Manoj and Ravi were always available to support the group It was a great experience for me to trek with a wonderful group and a caring team of Indiahikes. Would definitely like to trek with Indiahikes especially with Geet and Manoj” 

– Rajeev Sharma, batch of June 2017 

“It simply went great. I actually got my foot injured during the cab ride to Dhaula when we stopped by a river side. Fortunately it wasn’t paining and I knew it would heal in a day or two. The first two days were along the civilization and helpful. But then it got more beautiful with each day when we completely ventured into the nature. Overall, I had a lot of fun.” – Sumit Kumar, batch of June 2017 

“The trek was amazing.. i was very excited as it was my first trek and first experience with india hikes too which turned out to be very good!! we loved all the arrangements at each campsite. The location of the tents was perfectly planned and loved both the home stays at seva and jiskun too. special credits too many people like all the cooks.I never thought i could get such tasty food at high . I would like to mention about 3 people ravi bhai , our local guide manoj and trek leader geet. ravi bhai always helped everyone with small things like who walked slowly or one who were scared he used to boost all of us with confidence.


Manoj bhai was the best guide we could get. He used to check our oxymeter readings daily and helped with all our problems. Last but a special mention for out trek leader Geet, i never thought a person can be so friendly and at the same time lead us with such sincerity. He used to get up before us and sleep after us after asking everyone about their health problems or any other problems . He told us everything thoroughly about AMS, HAPE OR HACE for our benefits. he reminded us to eat and drink 5l water daily and organised games on daily basis so that we could interact more with our trekmates. He told us about green trail pledge and motivated us to follow that. He was the reason we could interact with everyone so much and at the same time enjoyed our trek 🙂 He is a great trek leader and our whole batch loved him.” – Vibha Sharma, Batch of June 2017 

” Recommendation : Geet is a wonderful asset to the India Hikes squad; I recommend Geet anytime has an amazing trek leader with lots of human values. All the very best to the boy hailing from Pune for his amazing career.. Give my regards and message to him. Geet = Good Geet. (Adjective Game – dedication)

Food Team: The India hikes food team was good throughout the journey; Food team was simply amazing.Some delicious menu’s of the Himalayan staple were mind blowing. They remain Vaulted with me. The 2 care takers: The 2 other staffs Ravi bhai and Manoj Bhai were fantastic.Nothing much to say for these locals. My objective was to spend time with local people and Ravi + Manoj’s knowledge helped me with easy interactions between locals.

How was the Trek : The trek was a bunch full of Adventures, Friendship, love, drama and games.I achieved my objective of what I had planned from the Rupin Trek. My main moments were to spend time with the locals, conversations with them etc which gets vaulted in my trekking division of auto-biography files. Green Trails: Wonderful initiative, no other company is doing this. I loved it and back in Mumbai at my office I have already implemented this.” – Binoy Cherian, Batch of June 2017 

“First of all I would like to applaud the kitchen staff at all campsite for their punctuality and specifically for Super Jain food which is very difficult for them as they don’t have habit for the same. If dinner is been called out to be at 7.30Pm, it has to be at 7.30Pm even if is raining, snowfall, hailstorms irrespective of weather or any other reasons. Hats Off to Kitchen staff. I want to Thank You so so so so much to Geet (Trek Leader), Manoj Rawat Ji (guide) and Ravi Ji (Sweeper) it’s because of them I was able to complete the Trek. I was battling with Shoe bite on both legs from day 1 of Trek but with these 3 people with me I was never feared I won’t complete the trek. I want to tell you something you about Geet , Ravi Ji and Manoj ji !!


When we started with our introduction on Day 1 at Dhaula he was so friendly polite that we never saw a him as a leader but as a close friend with whom anyone in the group both boy or girl can approach him without any hesitation with their problem or any other thing. That’s a commendable job Geet! We were just 9 Days with him but the way we made connection with him that was amazing. He told one thing in the start that he is not that type of guy who will enjoy with you on the day of pass/gully but will look closely on each trekker during the time and the truth of the matter is he was actually doing the same.

I would usually start my trek with Ravi Ji and end with him only, but not ever on the trek he has told me to pickup my speed or say don’t rest for so much time or any other thing but instead he would motivate me all the way so I complete the day without hesitation, same goes with Manoj ji. Whenever one the way any one meets me on the way they would first ask about my shoe bite, the amount of care they have taken not just for me but for all of us. The way they motivate on the way feels like we have just a step away from campsite. Before start of trek day Geet will apply the bandage stuff and all with his own hands and not even let me to do that.All Respect to Geet , Manoj Ji and Ravi ji.” – Shonang T Gandhi, batch of June 2017 

“Hello….it was a very nice experience of my life….my first trek of my life… everything of it was so nice n wonderfully organised. Lunch dinner snacks dessert ☺ Once again would like to thank our trek leader Mr. Geet …he is super talented and passionate about his work and very honest abt his work….we enjoyed everything thing from wake up call, breakfast, lunch snacks dinner calls from Geet, Manoj bhai and Ravi ji. Journey to Rupin was fantastic with manoj and Raviji who continuously encouraged us to walk n keep maintaining pace.


we had a good time and their behaviours towards all of us was so positive. And would like to thank you each one of you who made us feel comfortable and secure on our trek….met good people… thank you India hikes… still in Himalayan Hangover….wish India hikes great success. Last thing… would like to mention….watever feedback you will receive from 17 June batch …you can club the same …as their are many things to say…but couldn’t express …bcoz we have been touched by all the gestures… Thank you Geet, Raviji & Manoj bhai for making our trek so wonderful….take care ” – Ruchita Nigde, batch of June 2017