Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“It’s so enthralling to share my own personal experience of Kedarkantha trek with Indiahikes. It was an easy trek to do. The beauty of the nature throughout the trek is simply commendable. My Special mention to our trek leader Shravan and also the lead guide Santhosh.They were extremely supportive and encouraging to reach the summit.

My next objective would be to educate or collaborate with other Trekking communities to start following Indiahikes for their Green trails Initiative which is amazing and unique from other groups. The Campsites and stay was perfectly arranged and well managed and that was the best places for one to stay and experience on mountains. The entire trek was very well organized and well equipped. Kudos to Indiahikes team for making it happen. Hurray!” – Sajith P M, Batch of Dec 26th, 2016

“Deoriatal was my first well managed trek experience ever and this trek would remain the most memorable one. Indiahikes have always set a benchmark. The Indiahikes Green Trail initiative to retain greenery on the Mountains is indeed praiseworthy.

A very special accolades to our trek guide – Mr. Dushyant Sharma for his passion for mountains and the entire team namely, Manoj ji, Dharmendra, Raju Seth, Panditji, Manish and Raju were truly an exceptional combo. The Team honestly intended to make our stay very comfortable and enjoyable.Talking about humility, I’m very glad to have met Dharmendra, the most shy and humble person ever, a true gem in fact. I always love a good story and Manoj-ji was a storehouse of them. I wish I could have documented it all. The local culture and the folk tales were so enlightening. The food concocted by the chefs was appealing and delicious. Surprisingly my weight didn’t budge an inch at all. Credits to the team for their exquisite delicacy and love.

Needless to say, how tough it was to bid a farewell to fellow trekkers and the IH team members to whom I felt so attached and friendly at the campsite. And most importantly, thanks to the Indiahikes team for sharing knowledge about tent pitching, camping etiquette’s, and good breathing practices and lastly for the Eco bags which is simply the reflection of the IH team’s passion to share its love and care for the mountains.

Applauds to the exceptionally positive and well-behaved team (Indiahikes), very promising and kept up their reputation high. Thank you so very much for this brilliant experience. Acquired a lot and will ensure to spread the word for good. Felt nice to say it all :).” Anubha Agarwal, Batch of Nov 4th, 2016

“The experience of Deoriatal trek was super awesome! The trek leader – Dushyant, the trek guide – Manoj ji and the support staffs were very supportive and co-operative. They put in a tremendous effort to make the trek as memorable as it really was. The quality and taste of the food served, was unbelievable. Their endeavor to be socially responsible and to provide a great trekking experience sets them apart from the rest.” – Govind Bedia, Batch of Nov 4th, 2016

“The Kedarkantha trek with Indiahikes was truly amazing. I think we did everything possible to leave the mountains in a better condition, from picking up trash to not using wet wipes, a clear ‘No’ to bonfires, etc. I wish the other trekking groups had also followed the same.

I’m trekking since my young age which has changed my outlook towards life and made me appreciate and value things a lot more, which is why I try to introduce others to trekking Community. Having said that, the first group that comes to my mind is Indiahikes because of its love for the mountains and I believe IH team understands the true essence of trekking and this helps the trekkers to have the best life time experience. And IH is more professional comparatively and has good safety measures on priority which is very important for beginners.

It couldn’t possibly have been better without the Indihikes team. I got to meet some amazing people and especially Vishal, our trek leader was Inspirational.” – Uditi Khaitan, Batch of Dec 27th, 2016

“This was my first experience of northern snow trek and also with India hikes. I and my family just loved this trek. I, my hubby and my 13yrs old son did this trek together. This has been one of our best trek experiences till date. It was a real adventure to start trek at 4.30am to reach the KK Summit.

I was extremely happy for the reward, of a voucher for the true trekking spirit. In fact I was jumping with joy when I received it from Vishal, our Trek leader. It was a great motivation for me.

Vishal Negi is a very dynamic person and proved to be one of a kind among the trek leaders. He was very clear with the instructions.He always stayed connected with each and every member in the group including the kids. He is an extremely caring, compassionate and super active person. He shared knowledge and details about everything one needs to know while trekking and also about the general information. He definitely carries a great aura because wherever he was, there has always been a positive vibes around. We were truly fortunate to know him and connect with him.

And all the arrangements were just apt and fantastic, specifically spreading awareness about not leaving your mark behind, green trails initiative, the eco bags, the health card, oxy meter readings was really impressive. Indeed the clean toilets and kitchen, serving hot water for drinking and brushing were actually a luxury in the mountains. Couldn’t have asked for more on the mountains. The food was very tasty and was served with love, hence we were bound to eat more :).

Sandeep and Mahavir were truly rocking. Just loved them for what they are. We really appreciate the efforts and necessary steps taken by Gurdeep and Vishal in assisting and closely monitoring the BP issues of my Husband while on trek and making required arrangements for him to settle down by health and then continue the trek in the next batch without risking unnecessarily.

I would definitely like to recommend Indiahikes to all I know as the entire Indiahikes team are truly caring and compassionate, be it trek leader or the trek coordinator or the locals who are leading the group. All of you are just amazing. The whole trek was very well organized right from the time we did the booking to our arrival at Dehradun and Sankri village till we returned back.

Felt extremely safe with Indiahikes because the whole Kedarkantha trek was thoughtfully planned and implemented.

Keep up with the awesome work. Love you Indiahikes. Thanks a ton for everything. You guys deserve 5 stars, one of the best in India.” Bijal Chandaria, Batch of Dec 27th, 2016

“Amazing! A Commendable and very well organized trek. The food was indeed appetizing and delicious. I greatly appreciate the Green trails initiative from Indiahikes and their priority to safety measures for the trekkers. And the Campsites were commodious and beautifully arranged.

Indiahikes is always known for their friendly, approachable and wonderful staff. My special kudos to our Trek Leader Vishal Negi.” –  Devansh Khaitan, Batch of Dec 12th, 2016