Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 15,000 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“The trek had its ups and downs, as did the trails. But overall this trek will always be very close to my heart, it being my first one. I am really impressed by the way it was organized, be it scheduling or be it the hygiene around food and tents. The trek was a little tough for me on the final summit climb, but thankfully to the trek coordinator, I made it there at the right time to get a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise.

The way the trek leader handled the entire group was really appreciable, be it keeping the entire group entertained and together or taking care of the petite needs of people. He really has some great leadership skills. And what do I say about food, I miss it so much. I had joined the trek with an aim to lose some 2-3 kgs but the food was so delicious, didn’t help me much with my goal. All the meals we received throughout the day were very well planned with our energy requirements. I understand how difficult it is to get water and cook at such altitudes and I sincerely appreciate the efforts made by the cooking team.”

– Shruti Patel, batch of October 2017

“This was my first trek and I really enjoyed it. The trek leader Aashay was the best.The effort from the Support staff is amazing. I would love to continue trekking with India Hikes.” – M Pavan Kumar Reddy, batch of September 2017 

“To be frank, after a small half day trek at Kolukkumalai(Tamil Nadu), this was our 1st real trek. Most of the fellow trekkers were shocked like why did you choose Rupin pass as your 1st Himalayan trek. They told us that we could have gone for some easy treks and then tried Rupin Pass. All I can say is anyone can do anything if they believe it in their mind. And so, I completed the Rupin pass trek along with my 4 friends, 12 other fellow trekkers and a great team from India hikes.

Aashay was a great guy to trek with. If your trek leader is giving you the energy and motivation, your steps will be easy along the way and Aashay was full of energy- always singing and passing his energy to others. Even the entire team (porters and kitchen) were great at their job. Not to mention the scenic beauties of Himalayan ranges as you pass through Rupin pass. All the way, we enjoyed the views that were only seen in computer screen. Acclimatization day on Lower waterfall area was enjoyable.

The 70` climb to the Pass was a bit exhausting, but worth taking it for a lifetime. 9 days without Mobile network for the 1st time-forgetting my world in city and creating a new world in Rupin pass trail is an unforgettable experience. There is no suggestion to improve. Only suggestion is to find new trails like Rupin pass and get growing the trekking community.” – Ranjith Raja R, batch of September 2017 

“Trek was amazing. The trek leader and the guides were good. Everything was taken care.” – Rashmi Malhotra, batch of September 2017 

“Registering for the Rupin Pass trek took some courage as it was going to be a moderate to difficult level trek. But nevertheless, I went to it and couldn’t be happier! This was my 2nd high altitude trek, after the Kuari Pass trek I did earlier in the month of May this year. The Rupin pass trek does require you to be really fit, as you guys mention; the distances covered every day were really long, with a combination of ascents and descents.

But the changing landscapes made it all worth, not forgetting the prettiest campsites. Coming to the facilities provided by India Hikes, it was all perfect. Amazing food as always and everything else was well organised too. Our trek leader, Imroz, was amazing as well with all the motivation (I needed this a lot as I had carried my own backpack this time) and the daily informative sessions (these were really helpful as he spoke about proper layering, about the use of oxygen cyclinder, even about lightning safely on an evening when there was a thunder storm).

The best thing about this trek was that we had a lot more solo travellers like myself as compared to my last trek. Overall it was a great group (Except for a chap who cribbed a lot) and an amazing trek! Can’t wait for my third trek (registered already)” – Riya Raut, batch of September 2017 

“India Hikes has improved the trek management significantly over the years. Rupin Pass was managed well with appropriate trek time, exploration opportunities and rest. Though the pass itself is at 15000 ft, because of systematic approach to the trek, everyone could complete it and enjoy the whole experience.

Gaga, Rajpal, Superman – the support staff was exceptional. Without them the whole experience would be tasteless – literally. Special appreciation for Ashya Surve and Vimlesh, the trek leaders for wonderful leadership and making the whole experience cherishable for life.” – Mangesh Patankar, batch of September 2017