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There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 7,500 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“Although it was tiring and painful for me..(as I was having shoe problems in the descending part)..I loved..each day and each memory will stay with me was my first trek…I could not expect better:)” -Dr.Rajani Agarwal, Batch of

“This is my first trek in the mountains. A memorable one indeed! although the weather conditions were not good on certain days, we still had breathtaking views on good days! It was tough to walk on the cobbled roads!. I was taken good care by the tour guide Shravan and his asst Sanjeev. They were all through watchful and patient and I was never left alone even while I climbed slowly. The food was freshly prepared everyday and we got hot yummy food including desserts like halwa, gulab jamoon etc.. Shravan was very prompt in checking and monitoring our o2 levels and pulse rate every day. Sanjeev walked with me and answered most of my queries regarding the flora and the fauna of the region! On clear days it was a marvelous sight to behold! trail was full of rhododendrons of different colours and other flowers. The mountain peaks on the horizon, the silver fir trees, oak trees, spotted some exotic birds…..all so beautiful! We had an amazing group consisting of all age groups ranging from 7 to 50s!! Had a great time playing games with them. One huge learning experience this was!” -veena hegde, Batch of

“It was my first trek ever. Tough one by my standard. But at the end of the day it was awesome. The trek leader Shravan was everywhere, very encouraging and considerate and at the same time played his part very responsiby. The guides Pemba Daju and Sanjeev were wonderful to say the least. Very helpful at the camps and on the way.
Overall an awesome trek. Thanks to the IH team and the lovely group of trekkers from various backgrounds, without whom this trek wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable, especially Sashi who kept the group entertained with his funny one liners. Vinod Sir and Manda were an inspiration to get me going all the way. “ -Neeraj Hembrom , Batch of

“It was all that we had read it would offer and much more…
Camping was a first time experience for me in the chill winds. From the struggling to get into the sleeping liner and keeping the sleeping bag zip in place to slipping down the tent and slithering back to position on the first night is an unforgettable experience. I remember sleeping like a baby the very next day, line, bag and myself all in place wondering what the fuss was all about. Unforgettable!
The Rodedendron blooms in all colours, the green meadows and definitely not in the least the breathtaking views of the Sleeping Buddha, Everest and Lohtse is something I will cherish for a lifetime.
The steep descent to Gorkhey of about 4500feet was for me the most challenging part of the trek. I thank India Hikes for your perfect mention of Fitness regiment. If I was not prepared, I wouldnt have been able to hold it together that day.

Last and not the least, after being pulled up for a high BMI to being allowed to go ahead, I thank India Hikes for giving me the experience of this trek. I dedicate this trek to my Mother whom I lost recently. She is definitely proud of me. “ -Hema Ajay Notakar, Batch of

“In brief, the trek was simply amazing! Thank you for this experience. Sandakphu makes you tear your hair out. Above an altitude of 2500m, on most days fog and mist prevented us from seeing anything more than 10-20 feet away. However, despite this gloom we had to admit that we were passing through some of the most beautiful terrain we had ever been through, its charm actually heightened by the whiteouts and the general haziness. Then the skies would briefly clear and we would get to savour our surroundings without the special effects. Mind-blowing! We were told that the views in Oct/Nov are unbeatable, and that in Jan/Feb the snow adds another dimension, but I’m clear that if it is Sandakphu then it must be Apr/May when the Rhododendrons are waxing, the Magnolias are waning and the weather just can’t make up its mind! As if I needed more convincing, the springtime bird-life in and around Tumling, Sabargram and Gorkhey is amazing.
My vote for April was made easier by the fact that our batch managed to get the highest possible score, 4/5, i.e, we were lucky to get a precious half-hour’s worth of untramelled views of 4 of the world’s 5 highest, something previous batches were not privileged with. Mission accomplished. What made this experience sweeter was that the weather gods made sure we earned it! On the eve of the sighting, at the Aahl-Sandakphu campsite, we had to survive the scariest thunderstorm any of us had been through, where every gust of wind wished to blow our tent away, every clap of thunder sounded like judgement day and the next bolt of lightening seemed to be coming our way. The IH team and the Hillman tents got us through the evening and night, and the storm itself ensured that the skies were clear at dawn.
I cannot praise your trek leader and guides enough. Our trek lead, the deceptively slightly built Abhirup, was solid as a rock. Ours was a pretty diverse group, with conflicting priorities and some suspect fitness levels, but he was able to carry the group along admirably. Buddha-ji, our smiling Buddha, is a gem with an inexhaustible supply of energy and cheer, and an all-rounder to boot. If he wasn’t at the front hand-holding the kids and in general lifting our spirits up with his lilting “everybody jung-jung”, he was at the campsite setting up, taking down, and transporting the tents. And at the rest-points it was he in the host’s kitchen cooking up our omelettes and Maggi. The ever-smiling and helpful Sanjeev and Tschering provided able foil.
I especially remember the stormy-stormy night, when Abhirup braved the elements to go around the camp to check on every tent and reassure the inmates of their safety and that of their kids who had gathered earlier to play in a separate tent. Later, when we had retired to our tents again after dinner and the storm had picked up once more, he and Buddha-ji went around fixing loose tent pegs ensuring that all tents were stably moored. Hats off to them!” -Arun Annaji, Batch of

“Great IH team. Mature leader who guided on few basic very important aspects like woman specific issues, stretching after long walks, layering up when required, not to worry unnecessarily when not required and take medication when we felt we are ok, but in fact were not well. Kept the team fully engaged with fun games, trivia facts of mountains and birds. The children were motivated to keep the trail green. When in case of emergency, was calm, fully in control and handled the situation superbly well.” -vijaya n, Batch of