Reviews by Indiahikes Trekkers

We’ve got over 2,431 reviews left by our community of trekkers.

There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 15,000 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“I love the trek, but the scenery is not that fantastic as want your literature said. I quote ” you find surprises at every turn” unquote. The scenery & environment is a lot better in Kashmir Great Lake hike. Devang, Davendran & Santos are great, caring, dedicated trek guide.” – Ang Poay Huat, batch of September 2017

“The trekk went really good. All of my team members were able to complete it with good health. Most of the credit for this success goes to HIMANSHU THAPPA our trekk leader. He was very responsible and approachable. He took a real good care of all of us. He managed everything quite well and with this he made the whole experience a lot fun. We danced, we played and we laughed. This was a difficult trekk but it is one of the best thing i have ever did. It was quite impressive and inspiring to see him doing all that in this age.” – Ankit Pathak, batch of September 2017 

“At the onset I would like to thank indiahikes for a very well organised trek which made it easy and comfortable for all the trekkers. I had a great experience just like the last time and have made a lot of fond memories and friends. It was a great trek team, keep up the good work.

I would also like to mention something I realised this time around, how a great trek leader can completely change your experience on the trek, I really liked how Imroz managed a diverse group with trekkers from age 18 – 60. He was approachable and amicable to all. He also has a great passion for what he is doing and shared a lot of knowledge with us on things like tying shoe laces to using oxygen cylinder. I would love to do another trek with him soon. Amongst the things I would change would be the travel from the last camp to shimla/kalka, if there is a way to smooth that process out, it will enrich the whole experience a bit more.”

– Harshit Miyabajaj, batch of October 2017 

“1. The base camp at Balawat was very nice and comfortable and the people are amazing. It would have been nice to have electricity for charging though.

2. The food was overall good, although I have had better food with India Hikes

3. The landscape is just lovely and even changing

4. The excitement and unexpected difficulty was a major high for me and I loved it

5. The entire staff was so courteous and hard working and didn’t complain despite the difficult situations and the distance the water sources were at

6. The weather also favoured us

7. The locals don’t know too much of the stories of the area…some amount of documentation there is also required

8. Thank you for the new sleeping bags and tents. They were so comfortable

9.I can’t wait to go back in September

10. Ground coordination was a little less of what I experienced with Prathima. I didn’t receive mails for offloading, for green trails, and crucial information came in quite late. It is understandable since the trek was new and a lot was being planned, but I think I should point it out.” – Ishani Mehta, batch of October 2017 

“This was my first himalaya trek and experience was overall fantastic. Though the trek is in exploration stage, the trek completion was overwhelming because of the wide scenic beauty of meadows and mountain peaks. The altitude gained for this trek is from 6400ft to 13010ft.

From the second day itself there is a continuous sight of snow mountains until the 5th day. The villagers response before and after the trek was awesome and unforgettable. They are equally excited to see us completing the trek. India hikes made my trek a beautiful experience.” – Praneeth Reddy, batch of October 2017 

“Not only was this my third trek with Indiahikes, it was also the best trek I have ever been to so far. I finally got to trek with Tanmay Bain as the TL, whom I had read so much about on the IH articles. Tanmay was an excellent chap who believed in perfection in his work. He also shared a lot of his knowledge about trekking with the trekkers, which proved to be invaluable to someone like me who is planning to go trekking without an organisation soon.

The group I got to trek with was really diverse. We had people as young as 18 and people as old as 50. We had people from different parts of India and 2 from Dubai as well. Everyone on the group bonded excellently with each other. And the views! In my past treks, I usually get to see the Himalayan peaks only on the day of the summit. But in this trek, I got to not only see Himalayan peaks right from Day 2 itself, but also get to see them continuously as I walked on mountain ridges. The terrain of the trek was also vast. We walked through villages, on steep hill ascents, through meadows, past lakes, across waterfalls and lakes and rhodenderon forests.

The best part of the trek was that it was a very new trek and hence everything looked so pristine and untouched (I hardly found garbage to stuff into my eco bag after day 2). The warm welcome and felicitation by the people of Balawat village and the Uttarakhand government was the icing on the cake. Overall, I would say I had a great time in the trek and feel thankful to Indiahikes for the opportunity to traverse a relatively unexplored gem.” – Kabir Nazir, batch of October 2017