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There are countless reasons why Indiahikes attracts over 15,000 trekkers each year. Here are a few reviews by a few of them who chose us to deliver a safe, exciting and truly unforgettable hiking experience that they’ll boast about for years to come:

“Awesome management, loved the food and other arrangement. Technical staff is really helpful and well equipped. Trek lead, chetan sir is really great person to have as a trek lead. “ -Nimish Gurav, Batch of Jun,2016

“Awesome is the right word for Rupin Pass trek. This was my first himalayan trek and I’m very glad that I chose Rupin pass and India hikes. The views during the trek gets better and better every passing day. Especially the upper waterfall camp, believe me it’s nothing but heaven. Very impressed about how the trek had been organized by Indiahikes and kudos for green trails initiative. Also hats-off to the trek lead and supporting team for the extreme kindness they have exhibhited all throughout the trek.” -Pavendhan Krishnan, Batch of Jun,2016

“This was my first Himalayan Trek. To start with I had lots of questions, lots of doubts on my ability, how the terrain will be etc. Many people commented that I had chosen a difficult trek and advised me that I should have chosen a easier ones like RoopKund or Kedarkantha to start with.A comment like this from experienced trekkers sometimes made me wonder if I can complete the trek successfully and without being a burden on the team. Most of the batchmates had done one or more Himalayan treks earlier and I was one of the very few first timers in the batch. But we had an amazing team of IH trek leaders-Chaman who had completed 40 Rupin Pass treks, Manish ji who has spent most of his life on Mountains, Arvind-who had immense patience to deal with the slowest climber like me and last but not the least Roop Mohan who waited patiently and made sure the entire team had moved on and no one was left behind. Hats off to Chaman, Arvind, Manjish Ji and Roop Mohan. You people are amazing and friendly. The trek was easy for me becoz of such trek leaders. I am sure all the team members will agree on this.

Coming to our trek group, we were 18 of us. Two women and 16 men. All of them were wonderful, jovial and friendly. From the very first day, I never felt that they were strangers. It was an awesome team and team spirit.

The trek was a beautiful one. There was a sudden change of scenery every minute. First two days there were beautiful villages like Sewa, Jiskoon and Jhaka. After this , we are secluded from the rest of the world and we can enjoy only meadows, rivers, forests and snow clad mountains. 8 days without mobiles, traffic and pollution.This is a life time experience for me. I am actually missing the fresh air.

The food was very tasty. We always got hot, tasty and nutritious food once we reached the camps. Not to mention the tasty soups and juices. Its very difficult to cook such an amazing and variety foods on high altitudes but the cooks just made it. Cant forget the yummy and hot Samosas we got as soon as we reached Udakanal camp. I do not like samosas much but these were simply amazing and I ate 2 samosas! Deserts were awesome too. Carrot halwa, Lauki halwa, Aaloo Halwa (this was a surprise as I never knew Halwa can be made from Aaloo), Pumpkin halwa and Jamoon! I hogged on all the food. I am a working woman and most of the days its hectic. Morning cook for the family, go to office and enter kitchen again once back from office. For me, this was a royal treatment. No Cooking and Hot food waiting for you as soon as you reach a camp :-)” -Anita Joshi, Batch of Jun,2016

“It was very well-organised. The trek Leader, Abhiroop, was sensitive, fun and caring. The Intern, Harsh, was diligent and caring too. The local guides, Santosh and Surinder, were efficient and fun too. I really appreciate the efforts made by them to make our trek not only successful but also a joyful experience. The technical staff at the Pass was also well-versed in their skill & the entire group had a very enriching time. So, please do thank all of them. I am sure there must have been innumerable people, back stage including the ground co=ords, who ensured a seamless delivery. Thanks “ -Sangeeta karkhanis, Batch of Jun,2016

“I loved the trek to Rupin Pass. Chetan sharma sir is a good trek leader. Under his and the technical staffs able guidance, all 25 of us were able to complete the trek. Thanks India Hikes
-Rekha Singh, Batch of Jun,2016

“The trek was one of the most memorable event in my life. With the serene nature around you everytime the trek leaders always ensured to give us the best out of the trek. Trek leaders were more like our brothers rather than a leader. Always encouraging, giving us tips, monitoring our performance, health etc. I would like to cite another incident which really touched me. On the 4th day in Dhanteras Thatch I was late for the snacks by 5 minutes, by then everyone had the yummy noodles in their plate. Shravan one of our trek leader ensured every one had their share of the snack and then emptied the excess food to his plate. I arrived just then, on seeing me entering the into the dining tent he immediately passed on the plate to me so that I keep my tummy always in rhythm. He sacrificed his food for me which made me almost speechless by his act of kindness. I cannot forget that moment and had no words to thank him for his care and concern. Probably that was the moment I felt I didn’t miss my parents.
There were many such incidents which motivated me and look upon to India Hikes for any guidance during the trek. I particularly liked the discipline and the clarity of trek details. We always felt secured and could rely on India Hikes when in doubt.
This was my first trek and could feel the professionalism and care instilled with IH. Thanks for the memorable experience. Please convey my thanks & regards to Chetan Sir, Shravan Sir, Nitin Sir and Praveen Sir, cooks and all the support staff.” -Raghu R, Batch of Jun,2016