Roopkund Trek Review - Ankit Arora - 2013

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Roopkund Trek Review - Ankit Arora - 2013

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By Sandhya UC


Roopkund Trek Review By Ankit Arora

(Roopkund Trek – 25th May’2013 Batch)




Roopkund – ‘The’ Journey

I’ll kick start by applauding Indiahikes remarkable capability to bind with all the trekkers and making them feel comfortable with every single aspect…before the trek , during the trek and even after the trek, they’ve been a loving/caring family.


Now about the Fantabulous trek :

Considering the fact that it was my first trek, our trek leader Dinesh ji allayed me with such ease, that i ended up doing the complete journey till Roopkund, that too among the leading pack.



Our journey debuted on a warm sunny day. With almost every trekker from a different state, this 8-9 hrs initial trekking was completed handsomely with chit chats and respective regional stories. Bridges, rivers and rich tree line, were the key scenic elements.

And the trekking was concluded with godly sharbat and delicious Rajma chawal. Bonfire, games, wooden accommodation(which was awesome) and of course a game of Cricket with locals, marked, the charming attributes for the first day.

Checkpoint Reached today : Didina


Second day zipped through dense forests(literally dense), with almost every trekker shuffling partners, this day again went smoothly with new stories and comic entries. This particular trek marked our first real sight of distant beautiful meadows and the mammoth white mountain range. In the midst of two checkpoints, came “Ghora lautani”. A sight providing a visual treat to Photographers and a sense of satisfying pleasure to every single trekker ! Witnessing the standing tall Trishul parvat and it’s allies, were all the trekkers….a sense of small accomplishment, was glowing on every single agape face. Ghora lautani won the “Pleasure of the Day” moment…..and how !


And the journey commenced, leaving this lovely Mountain gazing spot. Thus came the Campsite, after 4-5 hours from Ali bugyal, was shining Bedni Bugyal. That distant sight of multicolored tents, lush green meadows and the smell of food…ah…..Marvelous !


Food, Cricket (Yup, we played again), chit-chats, drizzling ecstasy (Rain greetings) and Star gazing, marked the charming attributes for the day. Night was windy and cold, following which, skull caps/Gloves came into picture.

Checkpoint reached today : Bedni Bugyal.


Third day was started early morning. With a Goodnight sleep, holy cool breeze and a healthy breakfast, everyone was fresh as a daisy. Almost all trekkers were now well acquainted with each other’s background, and thus the never-ending group picture sessions were blooming throughout this third day. With each passing day, we were gaining altitude and with each random sight on the diminishing valley below, the excitement levels were scaling new heights.


Along the way came “Patar Nachauni” (A campsite that became our ghetto for a day while descending.) Our actual encounter with SNOW, took birth on “Kaalu Vinayak Temple”. Shankh blowing peaceful tunes, bells ringing, people reciting prayers and absorbing unique experiences of the returning Roopkund trekkers…the temple breather was a pure delight.


Approximately two hours into snow from Kalu vinayak, was our lovely accommodation. The much awaited only campsite in snow, Bhagwabasa ! DSLRS were lined up to capture golden mountain range at dusk, and needless to say, it was Jaw-dropping !


We were told to sleep very early that day, as the early morning moonlight trek was due @ 4 AM. With provided cramp-ons and yummy food, all of us were zipped in the sleeping bags, later to discover a weird knock on our tent door……hello fellow Trekkers, “It’s SNOWFALL”. The already delightful day was ended with charming snowfall @10 PM.


Snow benches, snow gazing, Kalu Vinayak, the Golden mountain range at dusk and the awesomest last minute entry – Ms. Snowfall, marked the charming attributes for the day. Checkpoint reached today : Bhgwabasa.


The “Summit Day” was started in the Moonlight. With wind whistling in silence, every trekker was as excited as a young child owning his first drive. And then it began !


Lining in, step by step, scaling the mammoth white sheet, falling, sliding, helping fellow friends, stuffing chocolates in our mouth, poking newly bought hiking poles in the thin/hard snow….finally, we were about to conquer that we came for . Within 3-4 hours, we were at the Summit….and the frozen roopkund lake was waiting for us !

Stuffing 2 aaloo ke paranthas, and holding the memories of this lake, the panoramic view of this Paradise and a certificate of a successful dream, we were on our way back.  



The most memorable “Bloody Hell” moment, was accompanied at Patar nachauni campsite.




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Sandhya is a founding partner at Indiahikes. Over the past ten years, she has explored and put on the map few of the greatest Himalayan treks in India, including Kashmir Great Lakes and Kedarkantha. She is a TedX Speaker and has been awarded the Women of Worth Award by Outlook Business in 2017. She believes in sustainable living just as she believes in sustainable trekking. Read a feature on Sandhya in Outlook Business Read Sandhya's other articles Read Sandhya's TedX Talk How I Climbed The Mountain Of Entrepreneurship