Rupin Pass trek reviews Summer 2012 Arjun

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Rupin Pass trek reviews Summer 2012 Arjun

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By Sandhya UC


Rupin Pass Trek Review By Arjun

(Rupin Pass – 26th May’2012 Batch)

Rupin pass is my first official trek, I have done small adventurous trips with my friend, but had no idea what I was going into when I agreed to join my friends to Rupin pass trek. Hence I was a lot curious and a bit nervous about the trip. We reached our first camp located at an awesome location. There we met our guide Mr. Raj Mohan(the leader of our team) and his crew and the fellow trekkers. We had awesome food, some nice talks and some relaxing time at our first day it was nice, it you some people and the wild. 

First two days were similar long journey around 12-14 kms of walk. So we used to start early in morning, which were good it looked nice forest around you no phones, you just walking, taking pictures, basically enjoying but as time passed on the heat started getting a bit itchy. Still breeze was cool but the backpacks on shoulder and sun on your head, it starts to give a glimpse what it is like to trek. But one great thing about each day was no matter how tough the trek was, how badly tired you are, once reach your camp and you realize what an amazing place you are, the river, the mountains, the clear sky, the chirping of bird, sound of river flowing, it takes all the pain away. It makes you feel recharged, happy from inside. It was all mesmerizing.

Third day was the easiest one, only 4-5 km trek with an awesome ice glacier lying in between, it was totally nice to see something like that, a hard ice bridge over the river, though the sun was quite prominent but still the water so cold that in 20 seconds your feet will become numb and it was covered with ice in some places, with quit ease we reached our camp site. It started to get quite windy and temperature dropped quite fast in evening and nights. But the warm food, tents the bone fire’s kept us quite warm and by now you have lost the sense of time i.e. it doesn’t matter whether its Monday, Tuesday or Saturday or its 6 AM or 6 PM, so it felt nice.

Till now all was ok trek was tough but you were getting used to it, but a lot was left to come, first we came across a big ice patch on  mountain and at first so much snow looked fun you slide on it walk on play around. The trek got tough for next two days we literally climbed mountains that were steep enough and there were areas if you slipped god knows what will happen to you, it was actually each man for himself and once you cross them there were ice patches, now they are not that fun because they were long patches ice was too slippery and  you need to climb and if you slip on ice you go straight down to river, no escape hence every step was tough and had to be careful and top of it we were gaining height air was getting thin, hence breathing got tougher, every step you take make your lungs come out, now I started getting what is Himalaya trekking and it was tough I never expected all this, but after two days of trekking the terrain was awesome  completely covered with snow, the ground was white totally white, wherever you see it was white, pretty cool, one look and I got a feeling all the pain for this place is worth it. It was very cold, the temperature dropped till -5 degrees in night.

And the day came when we need to reach our destination the rupin pass but it was not that easy we need to climb steep slopes of around 60-70 degrees covered in ice, any how we walked, at some places our guide tide ropes to help us climb, we slipped, crawled but kept climbing, your body is given 200% of what you ever expected of yourself every step took 4 times more lung powers. But by god grace I climbed to rupin pass it was an amazing feeling finally reached our ultimate destination, it felt I have actually achieved something the view and the emotions on people face were worth all the pain.

The good thing about the trek is I learnt a lot about my ability to push myself(mentally/physically) to a extent I could haven’t imagined, I had a life time memories with me and the most important thing, when I was going on this trek I thought it will be a onetime thing for me to just get an experience of what it is to trek but after just one week I realized that how great it was, it is actually an addiction can’t wait for my next trek, hope it will be soon.


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