September 2019 Trek Photographer Of The Month Nominations Are Out – Vote For Your Favourite Photographs

For the September 2019 Trek Photographer Of The Month contest, we received over 400 photo entries. And after the difficult, yet exciting task of shortlisting 10 nominations, we can say that there was a stiff competition between pictures from the Hampta Pass Trek and Gaumukh Tapovan Trek. You will see why!

Vote for your favorite photographs below. You can vote only once, so take a look at all the entries before you cast your vote.


The poll is open at the bottom of the page.

Here are the nominations –

1. Chandana Puttalingiah – Gaumukh Tapovan Trek (Entry 1)


Gaumukh Tapovan Trek – Chandana Puttalingiah – ‘The Morning Glory’

2. Ray Mascarenhas – Pin Bhaba Pass Trek


Pin Bhaba Pass Trek – Ray Mascarenhas – ‘Sunset at Phutsirang’

3. Chowdegowda MS – Rupin Pass Trek


Rupin Pass Trek – Chowdegowda M S – ‘Full screen recommended’

4. Karthik Chand – Annapurna Base Camp Trek


Annapurna Base Camp Trek – Karthik Chand – ‘Water as pure as the fresh mountain Air’

5. Preetham TS – Bali Pass – Ruinsara Tal


Bali Pass – Ruinsara Tal – Preetham TS – ‘The scary ridge walk’

6. Ankit Banerjee – Buran Ghati Trek


Buran Ghati Trek – Ankit Banerjee – ‘Arsh’

7. Neha Chauhan – Hampta Pass Trek


Hampta Pass Trek – Neha Chauhan – ‘Shadow play by the clouds at Chandratal’

8.  Praveen Bhajantri – Hampta Pass Trek


Hampta Pass Trek – Praveen Bhajantri – ‘A Lake Is The Landscpares Most Beautiful And Expressive Feature It Is Earths Eye’

9. Chandana Puttalingiah – Gaumukh Tapovan Trek (Entry 2)


Gaumukh Tapovan Trek – Chandana Puttalingiah – ‘Natures grandest backdrop.’

10. Rochika Jaiswal – Kedartal Trek


Kedartal Trek - Rochika Jaiswal - 'Reflection'
Kedartal Trek – Rochika Jaiswal – ‘Reflection’


Have you made up your mind? Which is your favorite photograph? Please vote below 🙂
(For any clarifications please write to [email protected])


Voting has now been closed. Stay tuned for the results.

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36 thoughts on “September 2019 Trek Photographer Of The Month Nominations Are Out – Vote For Your Favourite Photographs

  1. Apart from a good camera, A GOOD PHOTOGRAPH needs skill, good back drop, focus, nature at its best and most importantly TIMING & MAGIC OF LIGHT TO BE CAPTURED.

    Almost all entries have common points. However, the entries of Rochika, Chowdegowda and Ray have prominent TIME FACTOR.


  2. All the photos are good . But Ankit has put some extra effort to get it . After a tiring day he came out of his tent and took a lot of time to capture this beauty .
    My regards to all .

  3. All the pics are priceless. But, I feel the magic Ankit has created with the lighted tents and the canopy of a starlit sky stands out. Brilliant!!

  4. 2 photographs of same picture from gaumuk tapovan trek and 2 entrees from hampta pass.
    River picture from Annapurna base camp is really a selected nomination out of hundreds of entries.
    Disappointed with the entries selected.
    Sorry to the great photos and photographers who got missed out.