September 2016 Blog contest winners are here!

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September 2016 Blog contest winners are here!

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By Seersha Nambiar


Trekking in the monsoons is an adventure on it’s own. With the newly sprung flowers and green grasslands, it’s an often undervalued experience. Photographers and vloggers make best use of this setting. This month we have a beautiful video from the Hampta Pass trek that is making heads turn!


Crossing the Hampta Pass by Vignesh Shenoy

1st Runner up

Himalayan trek to Rupin Pass by Sonali

I can’t imagine doing the climb which we had just done, in hail and rain, which would have made the trail quite slippery. While we sat thanking our stars and contemplating, it began to snow. Wow. The soft falling snow flakes feels so good, and in minutes, the landscape turned white. But then what about the pass crossing climb tomorrow? Won’t this kind of weather make it much more tougher? Will it still be doable without the crampons? And how cold was it going to get in the night? The entire evening I spent with such mixed emotions. Read more


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Seersha Nambiar

About the author

Having studied business management, Seersha worked as a financial analyst for a year. But having been brought up close to nature, she took to the outdoors and turned towards travel writing.