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How to be a Sustainability Champion in your daily life

A three level challenge designed to ease you into a zero waste lifestyle and make sustainability a habit.

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Do you share our belief that sustainable living is the way forward? Do you want to be guided into a sustainable lifestyle? This challenge will help make it easy for you.

Two years ago, many of us at Indiahikes started composting at home, reduced our plastic waste and have found small and big ways to be more sustainable.  All with the help of the Sustainability Champion Challenge!

Now, you can be a Sustainability Champion too!

By signing up for the Challenge, you will receive instructions on the 3 levels to be a Sustainability Champion focusing on your waste footprint.  You will get detailed emails taking you step by step through these levels towards a waste free life.

By signing up for the challenge, you will learn to:

  • To compost your organic waste
  •  Move towards a zero waste lifestyle
  •  Reduce your plastic waste


Here’s what some of the people who took the challenge had to say…

“After years and years of “thinking” about it, took my first concrete action towards doing my bit in preserving the environment. The push came from Indiahikes, when they announced their sustainability program.”

“Really worth cultivating and absorbing these changes.
Never thought of it till date – will cultivate these changes immediately and also spread message within group.”

“I want to let you know that I had that cleanliness in me, but Roopkund trek took it to another level. And IH is responsible for that. I make it a point , not to litter my surroundings and even try to bring this thought to other.”

“It’s good to see something sensible coming up connected to a global issue. I’ve been following the trek leaders like Karthik, Geet and others on instagram and they have been posting on the same for last few months. I’d be love to be a part of it. I’ve spoken few of my colleagues as well on this, we are excited to see how much difference we can make starting next week!”

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A few months of dedicated time is all you need to make it a lifestyle

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