Brahmatal vs Ali Bedni Bugyal: Which of These Neighbouring Treks to Choose?

Brahmatal and Ali Bedni Bugyal — Two treks starting at the same base camp. Located in the same region. Climbing to similar altitudes of ~12,000 ft. Promising the same mountain views. Many trekkers make a wrong assumption here. They believe these treks to be very similar.   And then they make a bigger mistake.  They blindly […]

Fascinating Stories About How Some Of India’s Most Famous Treks Got Their Names

It was April 2021. We had just started from Tapoban, the base camp of our Kuari Pass trek. We had trekked for hardly two hours, when commanding views of Mt.Dronagiri brought us to a halt. Our trek leader decided it was the perfect time for a break, to enlighten us with stories of the mountains […]

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How an incomplete trek to Kedarkantha made Gaurav transform himself into a fitter person.

The Different Shades of Brahmatal Trek

The Brahmatal trek changes it’s personality not only from season to season but also from one campsite to the next. Here’s how

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Snow treks in the Himalayas always have a charm about them. Here, we list out the best winter treks to do in the Himalayas.

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A list of high-altitude campsites that are great for stargazing in the Himalayas. Make note if you are about to go on a Himalayan trek

The Story of the Brahmatal Trek and How My Journey Unfolded With It

Editor’s note: Megha went on the Brahmatal trek and was taken in by the ever-present views of Mt Nanda Ghunti and Mt Trishul by her side. She penned her thoughts down immediately after she returned. We loved the personifications in her writing, where she brings the two majestic peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas to life. […]

Why Trekking in Jan & Feb is Better than December (Stats and Top 7 Treks Inside)

The beauty of trekking in peak winter is largely an undisclosed secret in Indian trekking. Here’s what you’re missing out. (Stats and best treks to choose inside)

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Life Lessons From Brahmatal Trek

The Brahmatal trek was special for 12-year-old Stuti Paul, who was out of her comfort zone. And yet, she came back with some solid life lessons. In this essay, Stuti jots her learnings from the trek.