Roopkund: A first-hand account

Not everybody gets to play cricket with the Indian army at 13,000 feet. But trekker Shantnu Mathuria did that and a lot more on his Roopkund trek. In his words, this is how he felt upon reaching Roopkund, “The sweet taste of victory made every inch of pain and every feeling of anger melt away.” Read on to trek along with him and back.

Roopkund trek: Where will a detour take you

Taking a different trail is always an exciting prospect. An alternative trail from Didina campsite to Ali Bughyal can be attempted by the adventurous lots. The trail passes by the dense oak forest of Tolpani village and the meadows of Tolkaan. The trail to Tolpani is to the left of the Didna camp site. The trail to Tolpani is a steady climb through some of the densest oak you’ll see and a never ending brown carpet of leaves.