First Ever Eco-Clubs Opened At Three Schools In Uttarakhand

The Green Trails interns at Indiahikes have opened the first ever Eco-Club in three schools in Uttarakhand. Read more about it here.

Green Trails update: What happened to the garbage found on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek

A lot of garbage was brought down from Kashmir Great Lake trek by the trekkers. Here’s what happened to all that litter

How does Indiahikes tackle dry waste in mountains

Seeing litter on mountain trails is challenging as most of us imagine we are going to be trekking in pristine surroundings with no trace of human interference – an escape from the polluted cities. But it’s not so. Read about how Indiahikes sensitises its trekkers to enforce a clean-up routine in the mountains.

Clean up drive organised by Yuksom panchayat and Indiahikes

On November 19, 2014 Indiahikes will join hands with local village panchayat in Yuksom, Sikkim to organize a ‘clean up drive’ programme. The entire stretch from Yuksom Colony to Sachen Camp will be cleaned of all litter and waste that has been thrown around by ‘Pollutocrats’.

Why it is difficult to be a Green Getter during treks

Here are few of our Green Getters. They tell you what’s going on in their mind when they’re bustling about the trail, picking up every bit of scrap they see.

Green Trails Report – June 2013

As part of Indiahikes’ Green Trails campaign, a group of 18 trekkers volunteered to go to Roopkund and help clean up the trail. Here is a detailed report of what took place.