How we Innovate to make Trekking Environmentally Sustainable

Through our Green Trails initiative, we are always trying to find alternative ways to process, reduce and recycle waste. Here are some of our experiments.

How We Manage Waste Collected On Our Treks

When we trek the Himalayas – there is a lot of waste produced and also collected. In fact, our trekkers go out of their way to help clean up the slopes. Here’s what finally happens to all the waste collected.

Green Getters in action at Kashmir Great Lakes

Indiahikes trekkers did a thorough clean up of Kashmir Great Lakes route- they collected more than 10 quintals of plastic and non-biodegradable waste! We hope we’ll find the trail as clean as we left it last September!

An experiment with cocopeat toilets

Managing human waste in the mountains has always been a matter of concern for us. Recently, our team at the Deoriatal base tried out cocopeat composting toilets.

Why you should reconsider ordering maggi or Wai-Wai while trekking in Sandakphu!

When you are on a trek, it’s smarter to try native delicacies that enchant your taste buds. Our Green Trail Crusader, Lakshmi, lists Sandakphu’s local food items.

How is Indiahikes leaving mountains in a better condition?

At Indiahikes, we have been working to leave the mountains in a better condition for over five years! Over a period of time, we have learnt of ways to tackle human and food waste more effectively, and there is still a lot of scope for improvement. Take a look at the progress we have made so far.

And not a single piece of plastic was burnt that day

Green Trails update from Deoriatal – On 28th April 2016 our team joined hands with around 50 women of the Mahila Mandal in Sari to collect plastic waste. Indiahikes trek leader Dushyant Sharma recollects details about the impromptu clean up campaign.

The silent threat to Sandakphu

Several beautiful trails in the Himalayas are being badly affected by human presence. Our Green Trail Crusader, Lakshmi, shares a little piece of advise after having stayed on the Sandakphu slope for a month.

Green Getters on the go at Deoriatal

Trekkers at Deoriatal managed to take Green Trails activity to another level with their enthusiasm and commitment. Here’s an update on two major clean-ups at Tungnath Temple and Deoriatal.

Here is what happened to all the litter you picked up on your trek

With every batch that goes to the mountains, a whole lot of waste is generated. Here’s what happened to all the waste that was generated on the Rupin Pass trek for over two months.

How does Indiahikes tackle dry waste in mountains

Seeing litter on mountain trails is challenging as most of us imagine we are going to be trekking in pristine surroundings with no trace of human interference – an escape from the polluted cities. But it’s not so. Read about how Indiahikes sensitises its trekkers to enforce a clean-up routine in the mountains.

Why it is difficult to be a Green Getter during treks

Here are few of our Green Getters. They tell you what’s going on in their mind when they’re bustling about the trail, picking up every bit of scrap they see.